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How to Get the Magic Mirror in Terraria

Posted on by justin
Each world seed generated by Terraria’s map generator is vast, and it can take a while to return to town after spending hours exploring its underground layers. Thankfully, you can get the Magic Mirror in Terraria, allowing you to return to your designated spawn point instantly in a pinch!

How to Get the Magic Mirror in Terraria

Terraria Magic Mirror You can find the Terraria Magic Mirror in the cavern and underground layers. This item has a blue rarity, one level scarcer than white-labeled items. It also means you’ll likely have duplicate Magic Mirrors throughout your entire Terraria playthrough. Alternatively, you can craft the Magic Mirror at the Furnace, as of the Labor of Love update. Create the item by using the following ingredients:
  • 10x Glass
  • 8x Gold or Diamond Bar
  • 3x Diamond
Tip: Throw a Magic Mirror in Shimmer to disassemble it. Selling its ingredients yields more money than vending the Magic Mirror. It’s also possible to find a variation of the Magic Mirror called Ice Mirror. You can find the Ice Mirror in Frozen Chests at the Ice Biome. Despite the differences in sprite design, the Ice Mirror’s description, usage, and rarity are the same as the regular version. Note: You’ll return to the last-used bed after using the Magic Mirror. If you haven’t used a bed, you’ll return to the default world spawn point.

Other Uses for the Magic Mirror

As mentioned earlier, the Magic Mirror in Terraria is a usable item that returns the user to the set spawn point. The item also doesn’t disappear after using it, making it more valuable than the Recall Potion despite having the same function. Tip: Use the Magic Mirror while falling to your doom to return to the spawn point and prevent death. Over time, you may combine the Magic Mirror or Ice Mirror with a PDA at the Tinkerer’s Workshop to transmute those items into a Cell Phone. This crafted item will display various information, including the weather, elevation, time, movement speed, current DPS, and more. Using the Cell Phone also returns your character to the designated spawn point, like the Magic Mirror.
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