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Terraria Imbuing Station Guide: How to Get and Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Terraria has a massive library of items, especially consumables that can provide a wide variety of buffs. But some of these consumable items can only be obtained through crafting. If you're looking to craft your own consumables in Terraria, the Imbuing Station is one you won't want to miss. Here we'll break down all the recipes it covers and how to get it.

What is the Imbuing Station in Terraria?

Terraria Imbuing Station Introduced in version 1.2, the Imbuing Station in Terraria is a crafting station where players can make flasks. These items can provide buffs to their users, including those that imbue attacks with specific elements.

How to Get the Imbuing Station

Purchase the Imbuing Station from the Witch Doctor NPC for 7 Gold Coins. If you don’t have this NPC in your town yet, you must fulfill two requirements:
  • An empty livable house exists, and
  • The Queen Bee boss has been defeated
Tip: Read our Terraria Beginner’s Guide for tips and tricks on how to reach a point wherein you can defeat the Queen Bee easily.

Imbuing Station Crafting Recipes

As mentioned earlier, the Imbuing Station in Terraria primarily functions as a crafting area for flasks. Also, each flask requires 1x Bottled Water to make. Although you can make the Imbuing Station in pre-Hardmode, most flasks require Hardmode ingredients. With that, here are the flasks and their crafting recipes you can craft from this crafting station:
  • Flask of Cursed Flames: 1x Bottled Water and 2x Cursed Flame
  • Flask of Fire: 1x Bottled Water and 3x Hellstone
  • Flask of Gold: 1x Bottled Water and 5x Gold Dust
  • Flask of Ichor: 1x Bottled Water and 2x Ichor
  • Flask of Nanites: 1x Bottled Water and 5x Nanites
  • Flask of Party: 1x Bottled Water and 5x Confetti
  • Flask of Poison: 1x Bottled Water and 1x Stinger
  • Flask of Venom: 1x Bottled Water and 5x Vial of Venom
Note: The flasks created using the Imbuing Station can be ideal for melee and summon players. For the latter, the flasks can provide benefits only if you’re using whips.
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