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How to Get the Bee Mount in Terraria

Posted on by justin
The bee mount in Terraria is one of the many rideable creatures or objects in the game. Mounting this giant insect allows the player to take flight and reach new heights while exploring. So how do you secure this buzzing steed?

How to Get the Bee Mount in Terraria

Terraria Bee Mount The first step to get the bee mount in Terraria is to kill the Queen Bee boss for a chance to receive the Honeyed Goggles. This item has a fairly low chance of dropping, so it may take players some time to repeat the boss fight enough to see them. Once received, a player can place the Honeyed Goggles into a free slot in the item hotbar, and once used, it will summon your brand new bee mount!

Summoning the Queen Bee

Terraria Queen Bee The Queen Bee is a pre-Hardmode boss summoned by breaking the Bee Hives in the Underground Jungle biome. Then, players need to kill the larva that spawns from the hives. Another way of summoning the Queen Bee boss is by crafting and using the Abeemination item. Terraria Abeemination Crafting the Abeemination item requires players to combine the following materials by hand:
  • 5 x Honey Block: Made by mixing water with honey
  • 5 x Hive: Mined in the Jungle biome
  • Bottled Honey: Drops from Bee Hives and the Queen Bee boss randomly
  • Stinger: Drops from Hornets, Moss Hornets, and Spiked Jungle Slimes randomly

How to Use the Bee Mount

While on the ground, the bee mount walks slowly. Pressing the jump button on the keyboard allows the player riding the Bee mount to become airborne for a maximum of 10 seconds. After that period, the insect enters a “tired state.” If the mount is still airborne as it becomes tired, it and the player will glide to the ground safely. Once grounded, the Bee needs 3 seconds to recharge before the player can reuse its flight capabilities. Additionally, the Bee mount automatically disappears if the player directs it to liquid surfaces. However, the Bee can land or walk on water if the player has a buff or item that grants this ability.
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