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Terraria Golem Boss Guide: How To Summon, Fight Tips, & Loot Table

Posted on by justin
Golem in Terraria is an unskippable Hardmode boss. That means players must defeat it to progress through the game, especially if they plan to defeat Moon Lord, the final boss. So, read on as we guide you on summoning and defeating Golem in Terraria.

How to Summon Golem in Terraria

Terraria Golem Guide Travel to the heart of the Jungle Temple in Hardmode to find the Golem boss in Terraria. Note that you must defeat Plantera first to gain access to this dungeon. Navigate through the Temple’s corridors and search for at least one Power Cell in one of the chests. Once found, search for the largest space in the dungeon to find the Lihzahrd Altar. Press the Open/Activate key on your keyboard or preferred input device. If successful, Golem will appear, initiating the fight.

How To Beat Golem

Terraria Golem Defeat Like other boss fights in Terraria, preparation is vital in defeating Golem. Thankfully, players have time to prepare the arena before summoning the boss. Preparations should include laying Campfires and Heart Lanterns to help regenerate lost health while on the battlefield. Placing multiple Star in a Bottle items can also aid in mana regeneration. Upon summoning the boss, you can use different strategies depending on your build. Melee builds should equip armor sets with the highest defenses. Also, using melee weapons with high DPS, such as the Zenith and Death Sickle, can help deplete Golem’s boss sooner than later. Alternatively, you can focus on using ranged weapons, such as the Megashark with Crystal bullets. Another excellent option is the Tactical Shotgun. Attacking from a distance can also help reduce incoming damage. Speaking of attacking from afar, magic and summoner builds also have advantages for this fight. For magic-build users, some excellent weapons to use for the Golem boss fight are the Nimbus Rod and Inferno Fork. If you wish to use summoned minions, use the Staff of the Frost Hydra to increase DPS. Note: As of version 1.3.4, defeating Golem will unlock Tier 3 of the Old One’s Army invasion.


Golem’s attack patterns depend on its form. Watch out for its attacks mentioned below:
First Form
  • Shoots fireballs from its mouth at the player’s position
  • Throws its fists at the player’s position
  • Jumps and slams to the player’s position
Second Form
  • The fists’ attacks become more aggressive than when the boss is in its first form if these parts aren’t destroyed
  • The head continues to shoot fireballs from its mouth despite the part being detached from the body
Warning: Attempting to escape the battle arena by any means will enrage Golem. If so, the boss will follow the escapee outside the Underground Jungle biome. Its attacks also become fiercer and hit harder than usual.

Loot Table

  • Picksaw
  • Beetle Husk
  • Stynger (with Stynger Bolt)
  • Possessed Hatchet
  • Sun Stone
  • Eye of the Golem
  • Heat Ray
  • Staff of Earth
  • Golem Fist
  • Golem Mask
  • Golem Trophy
  • Greater Healing Potion
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