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Terraria Gladiator Armor Set Guide: How to Farm, Drop Rates, Stats, & Set Bonuses

Posted on by justin
In Terraria, the Gladiator Armor set is a solid, cheap early-game alternative to sets like the Gold Armor, and can get you through some difficult encounters by removing knockback as well. And of course, who doesn't want to look like a formidable Greek soldier? With that, here's how to get Gladiator Armor in Terraria, its set effects, and why it is a great option to hunt down.

How to Get Gladiator Armor in Terraria

Terraria Gladiator Armor Set Location Players can obtain every piece of the Gladiator Armor set from the Hoplite, an enemy that only spawns in the Marble Caves. Each piece of the Gladiator Armor set has a less than 5% chance of dropping from a Hoplite, which means patience will be a virtue along the way, and you'll likely need to kill many Hoplites before you complete it. While killing Hoplites you can also pick up other interesting items that drop a bit more often, including the Gladius and Javelin weapons, and the Hook crafting material (which is key for making the Grappling Hook).

Finding and Fighting the Hoplite

Terraria Hoplite Finding Hoplites is fairly easy, as their location is in a beginner-friendly and well-lit area, the Marble Caves. But new players should be wary as this enemy can deal significant damage, especially to those wearing low-level armor. This enemy’s main form of attack is throwing javelins, and it’s fairly accurate as well. Players that have difficulty dodging might find themselves dying and losing their hard-earned in-game money if they’re not careful. Thankfully, the Hoplite is easy to stagger. Using a weapon with a reasonably fast attack speed to attack this enemy should prevent it from throwing javelins entirely. This will save you from a majority of their damage. With enough time and effort, you should be able to get all the pieces of the Gladiator Armor set from killing Hoplites even at relatively low gear levels. This gives you a big potential upgrade for armor with Gladiator pieces. You can also find a weapon upgrade like the massive Gladius and some Javelins to keep your distance. If you're finding it a bit too challenging to farm this set, you may be able to ease the process with the right potions.

Gladiator Armor Stats, Set Bonus, and Why it's a Good Pickup

Terraria Gladiator Armor Set The Gladiator Armor set has three pieces: the Gladiator Helmet, Gladiator Breastplate, and Gladiator Leggings. Wearing every component grants the user a set bonus of +16 defense and immunity to knockback. The defense offered by the Gladiator Armor set is equal to the Gold Armor set, another good early-game armor. But the Gladiator set is a good choice for players that don’t want to spend their hard-earned money to craft gold bars for the Gold Armor set, and those looking to take advantage of the knockback immunity. Take note that the “immunity to knockback” bonus only takes effect when wearing all three pieces. Players that want to use this benefit without wearing the Gladiator Armor set may also transition into using the Cobalt Shield or Obsidian Shield later in the game. Terraria Server Getting the Gladiator Armor set in Terraria can be an enjoyable experience when playing on a dedicated server. Enjoy lag-free gaming when playing online co-op while you and your friends band together to obtain this armor set! Check out our dedicated Terraria servers here to learn more.
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