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Terraria Ash Wood Farming Guide: Locations, Uses, & more

Posted on by justin
Introduced in the Labor of Love update, Ash Wood in Terraria is a type of wood typically found in The Underworld. Use it to craft various items, especially different pieces of furniture. Here, you’ll learn how to farm Ash Wood in Terraria efficiently.

How To Farm Ash Wood In Terraria

Terraria Ash Wood Note that you can use any axe to farm wood in Terraria, including Ash Wood. You can even use the Copper Axe you receive upon making a new character. However, obtaining more powerful axes can help make farming Ash Wood faster than usual. If you’re still in pre-Hardmode, aim to craft the War Axe of the Night or the Blood Lust Cluster. These axes share the same axe power of 75%. Plus, you can craft these tools from Crimtane or Demonite Bars, assuming that you have the items to gather the materials to make these crafting ingredients. You may also spend the time to gather the ingredients to create the Axe of Regrowth. At 150% axe power, using this axe is one of the more efficient ways to gather wood in the game. To craft the Axe of Regrowth, you must use the following items near a Work Bench:
  • 1x Staff of Regrowth
  • 1x Copper Axe
  • 12x Jungle Spores
  • 3x Vine
Once you have your preferred axe, travel to The Underworld and chop Ash Trees to farm Ash Wood. Alternatively, you can save time from traveling to The Underworld by loading the Remix Seed or Everything Seed. These world seeds have Ash Trees at the spawn location, so you can start gathering their wood as soon as the world loads. Tip: Use a Magic Mirror to return to the set spawn point immediately from The Underworld instead of climbing back up.

Ash Wood Usage

Farm a sufficient amount of Ash Wood in Terraria to craft different items. Check the craftable items below (separated by crafting stations) that use this type of wood as a crafting ingredient:
By Hand
  • Ash Wood Platform: 1x Ash Wood (yields 2x results per successful craft)
  • Ash Wood Work Bench: 10x Ash Wood
Iron Anvil Or Lead Anvil
  • Ash Wood Chandelier: 4x Ash Wood, 4x Torch, and 1x Chain
  • Ash Wood Bathtub: 14x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Bed: 15x Ash Wood and 5x Silk
  • Ash Wood Bookcase: 20x Ash Wood and 10x Book
  • Ash Wood Clock: 10x Ash Wood, 6x Glass, and 3x Any Iron Bar
  • Ash Wood Dresser: 16x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Piano: 15x Ash Wood, 4x Bone, and 1x Book
  • Ash Wood Sofa: 5x Ash Wood and 2x Silk
  • Ash Wood Toilet: 6x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Bow: 10x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Breastplate: 30x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Candelabra: 5x Ash Wood and 3x Torch
  • Ash Wood Chair: 4x Ash Wood and 1x Torch
  • Ash Wood Chest: 4x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Door: 8x Ash Wood and 2x Any Iron Bar
  • Ash Wood Fence: 1x Ash Wood (yields 4x results per successful craft)
  • Ash Wood Greaves: 25x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Hammer: 8x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Helmet: 20x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Lamp: 3x Ash Wood and 1x Torch
  • Ash Wood Lantern: 6x Ash Wood and 1x Torch
  • Ash Wood Sink: 6x Ash Wood and 1x Water Bucket
  • Ash Wood Sword: 7x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Table: 8x Ash Wood
  • Ash Wood Wall: 1x Ash Wood (yields 4x results per successful craft)
  • Wood: 1x Ash Wood
Note: Transmuting Ash Wood into Wood using Shimmer is irreversible.
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