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Sunkenland Update v0.2.03: Patch Notes, Game Optimizations, & Bug Fixes

Posted on by justin
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Sunkenland Update v0.2.03 is the next step in the game's early access journey, complete with some big changes and bug fixes in its patch notes. These include adjustments for Iron Skull Base, recoil, and cooking times, as well as the addition of a new low-level oxygen tank, combat flag, and more. With that, here's the latest Sunkenland patch notes and how it will shake things up for players.

What’s in Sunkenland Update v0.2.03?

Sunkenland Update v0.2.03 First, it’s important to mention that the Sunkenland Update v0.2.03 doesn’t add new features or systems to the game. Instead, it focuses on gameplay optimizations and various bug fixes. For instance, some crafting recipes are now in Tier 1, making them more accessible. These items include the bows and inflation stations. The crafting blueprints for bows, in particular, no longer exist, allowing new players to craft these long-range weapons sooner rather than later. Additionally, this patch shortens cooking time, particularly when preparing food on grills and advanced grills. That way, players can focus more on farming items unknown instead of lingering in their bases for extended periods. As mentioned earlier, Update V0.2.03 for Sunkenland also fixes some specific issues. For instance, players should no longer encounter a problem wherein welding doesn't work. Also, you should now have better peace of mind, knowing that all firearms work correctly, unlike before.

Sunkenland Update v0.2.03 Full Patch Notes – February 20, 2024

The Sunkenland Update v0.2.03 has more game optimizations and bug fixes than the ones mentioned above. You’ll find the full patch notes for this update below:
  • Increased recoil and reduced accuracy for the DE pistol high-power magazine.
  • Increased the stack size of crude grenades and Molotov cocktails to 10 and military grenades to 5, with a reduced damage radius.
  • Redesigned the combat area of Iron Skull Base.
  • Flags that signify territory control can now be placed, preventing enemy respawns, but buildings cannot be constructed until all combat area redesigns are completed by the development team.
  • Items in the quick access bar can now be selected with the mouse wheel.
  • Sleep now shows the time you will wake up, and the cooldown for sleeping has been changed to 20 hours.
  • Removed the blueprint requirement for bows, now part of Tier 1.
  • Inflation stations have been moved to Tier 1, and material consumption has been reduced.
  • Added a low-level oxygen tank, learnable by blueprint in the caves of Castaway Island.
  • Player death backpack drops no longer have a deletion timer.
  • Removed the blueprint requirement for stoves, now part of Tier 3.
  • Significantly reduced the time to cook food on grills and advanced grills.
Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where welding could not be used in the game.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where radiation meds caused an incorrect max health limit.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed overly chaotic sound when picking up items.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed firearms not firing accurately.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where the bullet count would not refresh when firearms received bullets.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the blueprint for the DE pistol's fine iron receiver could not unlock the corresponding item.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a missing texture issue for submachine gun magazines.
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