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Sunkenland Advanced Part Farming Guide: Locations, Respawn Trick, & Uses

Posted on by justin
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The Advanced Part in Sunkenland is a non-craftable material used for late-game items. However, it can be tough searching for it since it doesn’t appear nearly as frequently as other materials like Components and Scrap Metal. So, keep reading as we help you farm Advanced Parts in Sunkenland.

Where to Find Advanced Parts in Sunkenland

Sunkenland Advanced Part Farming Guide Search in random places for Advanced Parts on Sunkenland’s map, and you might return to your camp empty-handed. Despite this material being reasonably uncommon, some sites have higher chances of making it spawn than others. These locations include the underwater Amusement Park, Power Plant, and Chemical Refinery. Additionally, toolboxes around the map may contain an Advanced Part (or two). In particular, tall red toolboxes have higher chances of containing two to three Advanced Parts than regular toolboxes. Moving forward, travel to the Middle Tier Islands, which is quite far from your initial spawn point. Once you arrive, interact with the work tables as these pieces of furniture might contain some Advanced Parts.

Uses for Advanced Parts

Players will primarily farm for Advanced Parts in Sunkenland to upgrade their Research Tables to Tier 4. In particular, you must gather 8x Advanced Part, 8x Iron Ingot, and 8x Electronic Part to upgrade that station to its 4th level. Upgrading the Research Table to Tier 4 unlocks additional craftable items. Two of these items you can craft are the following:
  • Steel Furnace: 5x Iron Ingot, 5x Electronic Part, and 2x Advanced Part
  • Heavy Machine Gun: 10x Scrap Metal, 6x Gun Part, 4x Steel Ingot, and 2x Advanced Part

Sunkenland Advanced Part Respawning Trick

One trick to farm Advanced Parts in Sunkenland without spending hours searching for different containers is not looting all of a container’s contents at once. Instead, leave at least one Advanced Part in the container. Next, save the game and log out to the main menu. Reload your save file afterward and recheck the container. Chances are you’ll see the container refilling its original number of Advanced Parts. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with the amount. However, make sure to create a backup of your save file if something goes wrong. Note: This trick may not work in Single Player mode and only functions when hosting a server.
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