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Stardew Valley Feast of the Winter Star Event Guide

Posted on by justin
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The Feast of the Winter Star in Stardew Valley is the final event for each in-game year. Clearly inspired by Christmas, this event offers exclusive items and a secret gift-giving mini-event that’ll reward 5x the normal number of friendship points to the villager who’ll receive your present. Keep reading as we dive deeper into this Christmas-themed Stardew Valley event.

Stardew Valley Feast of the Winter Star Date & Time

Stardew Valley Feast of the Winter Star The Feast of the Winter Star always occurs on Winter 25. It starts at 9 AM in Pelican Town and ends at 2 PM. However, the player will appear at The Farm at 10 PM after the event. Additionally, entering Pelican Town is impossible before 9 AM on this day.

Feast of the Winter Star Secret Gift-Giving Mini-Event

On Winter 18, one week before the Feast of the Winter Star in Stardew Valley, you’ll receive a letter from Mayor Lewis. The message contains the villager's name who’ll receive your gift during the secret gift-giving mini-event. Take this opportunity to plan your gift according to the receiver. Tip: Read our Stardew Valley Gift Guides to know the best present for your special someone. But remember, it’s the season of giving, and you’ll also have a Secret Santa during the event. The people who can give you a present during the event, and the possible items you’ll receive, are the following:
  • 1x Iridium Bar
  • 5x Gold Bar
  • 25x Warp Totem: Beach
  • 1x Dress Spinner
  • 1x Magnet
  • 99x Wood
  • 50x Stone
  • 25x Hardwood
  • 12x Egg
  • 1x Cookie
Clint or Any Child
  • 5x Geode (or 1x if from a child)
  • 5x Frozen Geode (or 1x if from a child)
  • 5x Magma Geode (or 1x if from a child)
Any Childe
  • 1x Clay
  • 1x Ancient Doll
  • 1x Rainbow Shell
Any Adult
  • 1x Pumpkin Pie
  • 1x Poppyseed Muffin
  • 1x Blackberry Cobbler
  • 1x Glow Ring
  • 10x Deluxe Speed-Gro
  • 1x Purple Mushroom
  • 1x Nautilus Shell
  • 1x Wine
  • 1x Beer
  • 1x Tea Set
  • 1x Pink Cake
  • 1x Ruby
  • 1x Emerald
  • 1x Jade
Note: The presents mentioned above exclude Clint, Evelyn, Marnie, Robin, and Willy as possible gift-givers.

Feast of the Winter Star Exclusive Shop Items

Introduced in version 1.5, Pierre sells exclusive items during the Feast of the Winter Star. His wares include the following items:
  • Decorative Axe: 1,000 gold pieces
  • Festive Dining Table: 3,000 gold pieces
  • House Plant: 700 gold pieces
  • L. Light String: 800 gold pieces
  • Large Red Rug: 1,000 gold pieces
  • Log Panel: 500 gold pieces
  • Log Panel: 700 gold pieces
  • Manicured Pine: 800 gold pieces
  • Ornate Window: 1,000 gold pieces
  • S. Pine: 500 gold pieces
  • Tree of the Winter Star: 5,000 gold pieces
  • Winter Banner: 1,000 gold pieces
  • Wood Panel: 500 gold pieces
Note: The Tree of the Winter Star (Stardew Valley’s Christmas tree) can also be purchased at the Carpenter’s Shop (5,000 gold pieces) or the Traveling Cart (250 to 2,500 gold pieces). It’s also available at the Furniture Catalogue and as a prize at the Movie Theater Crane Game during Winter.
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