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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Enchanting Guide: All Enchantments and How to Get Them

Posted on by justin
You’re now at the endgame in Stardew Valley, with plenty of opportunities to defeat strong enemies and gather resources efficiently. To make things a little easier, however, you can get a nice boost by enchanting your gear. In Stardew Valley, enchanting offers a range of benefits including combat efficacy and enhanced fishing, mining, and more. Here we'll cover all of the enchantments available in Stardew Valley and how to get them.

How to Enchant Items in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Enchanting Guide Before you can begin enchanting equipment in Stardew Valley, you must have access to the Volcano Dungeon in Ginger Island (introduced in version 1.5). Thankfully, you can find this dungeon at the north end of the island. But traversing its floors is another story. Note that Volcano Dungeon is home to many tough monsters, including Tiger Slimes, Magma Sparkers, and Dwarvish Sentries. Also, you must bring your Watering Can to solidify lava, forming bridges and allowing you to progress. Don’t forget to bring health and energy recovery items to increase survivability. Persevere and push through the different levels to reach the dungeon’s tenth floor. Here, you won’t find enemies or treasure. But you’ll find the Forge to enchant your equipment. Note that you can enchant most tools and melee weapons in the game at the Forge. But you can’t enchant the Scythe, Golden Scythe, Copper Pan, and Trash Can. Each enchantment attempt costs 1x Prismatic Shard and 20x Cinder Shards. The results are random, and re-rolling for a chance to acquire your ideal perk requires the same materials. Note: Prismatic Shards are difficult to acquire. But Stardew Valley is an open-ended game, meaning it doesn’t time-gate players into farming this particular item.

All Enchantments in Stardew Valley

Enchantments have two classifications in Stardew Valley: Combat and Tool. Again, the combat enhancements will only work for melee weapons, meaning you can’t enchant the Slingshot and Master Slingshot.
Combat Enchantments
  • Artful: 50% cooldown on special moves and can stack with similar effects
  • Bug Killer: Deals 2x damage to bugs, flies, grubs, spiders, and rock crabs, and allows killing armored bugs
  • Crusader: +50% damage to ghosts, mummies, skeletons, and void spirits, and prevents mummies from reviving
  • Haymaker: Additional fiber when collecting weeds, plus the chance to collect hay
  • Vampiric: 9% chance to regain some health on kill
Tool Enchantments
  • Auto-Hook: Automatically hooks fish or non-fish items when they bite
  • Archaeologist: 2x chance to find artifacts in artifacts spots when using the Hoe
  • Bottomless: Infinite water for the Watering Can
  • Efficient: No energy drain (applicable for all tools except those that can’t be forged)
  • Generous: 50% chance to acquire 2x item after digging
  • Master: +1 fishing level when holding the enchanted fishing rod
  • Powerful: +1 power level for pickaxe, and +2 power level for axe
  • Preserving: 50% chance to not consume the bait and tackle
  • Reaching: Increases charged-up area to a maximum of 5x5 tiles
  • Shaving: +3 regular wood acquired when chopping Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Pine, and Palm trees, 3 wood acquired from Mushroom trees, and the chance to get extra materials from stumps and giant crops when using the Axe
  • Swift: The Axe, Hoe, or Pickaxe is 33% faster
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