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How to Get the Golden Scythe in Stardew Valley

Posted on by justin
The Golden Scythe in Stardew Valley is the more powerful version of the standard Scythe. It provides additional perks to its wielder, such as a higher-than-normal chance to cut tall grass when using it. But getting this upgraded tool can be challenging, especially for new players.

Stardew Valley Golden Scythe Location

Stardew Valley Golden Scythe Location The Golden Scythe is in the Quarry Mine (introduced in version 1.4), and the entrance to this location is to the left of the Quarry. To get to the Quarry, players must travel north of the bridge. But those who go to this place for the first time quickly notice that the bridge is unpassable.

How to Unlock the Quarry Mine

Stardew Valley Quarry Mine Completing the Crafts Room in the Community Center will repair the bridge while also unlocking the Quarry and, by default, the Quarry Mine. It does, however, require you surrender multiple items before you can enter this area. Note that the items you need to bring are categorized in different Bundles.
  • Spring Foraging Bundle: Requires 1x Wild Horseradish, 1x Daffodil, 1x Leek, and 1x Dandelion. Completing this bundle rewards 30x Spring Seeds.
  • Summer Foraging Bundle: Requires 1x Grape, 1x Spice Berry, and 1x Sweet Pea. Completing this bundle rewards 30x Summer Seeds.
  • Fall Foraging Bundle: Requires 1x Common Mushroom, 1x Wild Plum, 1x Hazelnut, and 1x Blackberry. Completing this bundle rewards 30x Fall Seeds.
  • Winter Foraging Bundle: Requires 1x Winter Root, 1x Crystal Fruit, 1x Snow Yam, and 1x Crocus. Completing this bundle rewards 30x Winter Seeds.
  • Construction Bundle: Requires 99x Stone, 10x Hardwood, and two sets of 99x Wood (total of 198 pieces). Completing this bundle rewards 1x Charcoal Kiln.
  • Exotic Foraging Bundle: Requires 1x Coconut, 1x Cactus Fruit, 1x Cave Carrot, 1x Red Mushroom, 1x Purple Mushroom, 1x Maple Syrup, 1x Oak Resin, 1x Pine Tar, and 1x Morel. Completing this bundle rewards 5x Autumn’s Bounty.
Note: The Quarry Mine is different from the regular Mines.

Getting the Golden Scythe in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Golden Scythe So you've finally repaired the bridge and gained access to the Quarry Mine, and you're ready to wield the mighty Golden Scythe. But the trouble isn't over just yet. Now, you must go through the gauntlet of monsters that plague this location before reaching your prize. Note that the Quarry Mine is home to three monsters: the Haunted Skull, Copper Slime, and Iron Slime. These monsters can come at you in waves and can deplete your health fast if you enter this place without preparation. Although it might be fairly easy to dodge the attacks of the Slimes, the Haunted Skulls can be quite annoying. These flying severed undead heads can either appear off-screen or from the floor. Plus, these monsters can fly considerably fast. So, use your best weapon with the fastest attack speed when you enter and explore the Quarry Mine. A sword can be ideal for this space. Also, avoid using a club or a dagger, as the former is slow and the latter has too short a range. Finally, don’t forget to bring healing and energy-refilling items. Thankfully, if you do get knocked out while in the Quarry Mine, you’ll wake up at its entrance instead of your bed at the farm. It may take a few tries before you can get to the statue. But persevere through these challenges, and you’ll get the Golden Scythe from a statue at the end of the Quarry Mine. It has a base weapon damage of 13 and a .02 critical strike chance. But, its cutting radius is larger than the regular Scythe which can be a fantastic convenience for your farm. Warning: The Golden Scythe is irreplaceable when lost.
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