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Squad Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now With BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
It's time to immerse yourself in the thrill of the battlefield courtesy of a Squad dedicated server with BisectHosting! This large-scale online FPS multiplayer is officially joining the ranks of our massive game hosting catalog. Prepare to communicate, coordinate, and conquer in this teamwork-heavy title. Enjoy dedicated server features, including automatic updates, easy installation, and more! Plus, you can enjoy these features at unbeatable prices. Want to learn more about a Squad dedicated server? Continue reading as we give you additional insight into this game and its accompanying features.

Squad Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Squad Dedicated Server Released on December 14, 2015, as a Steam Early Access title, Squad is the spiritual successor to the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. It lets players experience combat realism built on communication and team play.
50 vs. 50
Each instance can cater to up to 100 players. Join with up to 49 allies as you take part in a face-off against an equally massive group of enemies.
Various Factions
Join different factions, including (but not limited to) the US Army, Russian ground forces, Canadian Armed Forces, the Middle Eastern Alliance, and Insurgents. Each faction has unique advantages and shortcomings. So, choose wisely.
Building System
Unlike other squad-based FPS titles, Squad has a building mechanic to help players adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. Place an Anti-Tank Gun to help protect your allies from heavy artillery from the opposing team. Other items to craft and place on the combat zone include sandbags, razor wires, and HESCOs.
Different-Terrain Vehicles
Command the land and skies in Squad with various vehicles. Each soldier in specific factions can operate unique vehicles. For instance, the US Army can use the M1126 and M2A3. On the other hand, the Australian Defence Force has the HX60, UH-60M, and MRH-90.
Seamless Communication
Communication is at the heart of surviving and winning at the frontlines. Squad uses an in-game VoIP system, allowing players to talk with their allies. You can also target certain individuals to receive your comms, such as squad leaders or the team Commander.

Squad Dedicated Server Features

Leave no person behind with these features included with your Squad dedicated server!
  • Always Online: Say goodbye to worrying about your dedicated server going MIA! Our hosting services offer 99.98% uptime to alleviate those woes.
  • 24/7 Squad Support: Do you have a concern with your dedicated server? Our support team is always ready and waiting to answer your questions.
  • DDOS Protection: While you’re busy fighting the good fight, we’ll handle the backend protection. Our Squad servers come with DDOS protection, free of charge.
  • Automatic Updates: Let our system handle the updates to your dedicated server for you. Manual update options are still available.
  • Squad Backups: Our dedicated server hosting also has seven days of backups. Never worry about losing files ever again!
If you’re ready to start a Squad dedicated server with BisectHosting today, click the link below. Otherwise, contact us by clicking here.
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