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Soulmask Console Commands Guide: How to Use & All Commands

Posted on by justin
It’s important to mention that players can only use console commands in Soulmask in single-player mode or as a Soulmask dedicated server administrator. Using the correct command can make the game easier, which can be ideal for beginners new to this survival title.

How to Use Console Admin Commands in Soulmask?

Soulmask Console Commands Enabling admin commands requires proper access. So, here are the steps to enable console commands in Soulmask:
  • Press the tilde (~) key (by default) to open the command console
  • Type gm key [new admin password], and create a new admin password
  • Enter the newly created password in the new window to become an administrator
Once you’re an administrator, press the ~ key again to open the command console. Then, enter the admin command you want to use.

All Soulmask Console Commands

Note that running Soulmask in single-player mode while not in a server won't let you use admin commands. Create a private server or take advantage of a Soulmask dedicated server hosting service to use the game's console commands. Otherwise, inputting these commands in the console won't yield results. Below are the available Soulmask console commands at the time of writing. Currently, there's no admin command to enable god or creative modes. Nonetheless, these commands can help players complete various tasks, including maximizing character and mask levels.
  • Open GM Panel: gm key [password]
  • Add Experience: gm AddExp [value]
  • Add Mask Experience: gm Addmjexp [value]
  • Add Hunting Experience: gm Addshoulieexp [value]
  • Increase Hunting Experience: gm AddShouLieExp [value]
  • Reset Points: gm XiDian
  • Suicide: gm ZiSha 1
  • Revive: gm FuHuo
  • Delete Account: gm shanhao
  • View Own Location: GPS
  • Quick Recruit NPC (Aim at Target): gm ZhaoMu
  • Teleport: gm Go [position_x] [position_y] [position_z]
  • Clear All NPCs: gm ClearAllNpc
  • Remove Selected Target: gm ClearSelect
  • Refresh Vegetation within Range: gm ShuaXinZhiBei
  • Show Own Information (Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, etc.): gm ShowInfo 1
  • Show Character Information (Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, etc.): gm ShowInfo 0
  • Invisibility: gm SetAttr YinShen 1
  • Disable Invisibility: gm SetAttr YinShen 0
  • Repair Mask Nodes: gm JSMJ
  • Unlock All Map Information: gm ShowMap
  • Unlock All Tech Tree Nodes: gm KeJiShu
  • Display Barbarian Invasion Heat Information Chart: gm ShowReDu
  • Clear All Barbarian Invasion Heat: gm ClearAllReDu
  • Increase Barbarian Invasion Heat at Current Location: gm AddReDu [value]
  • Reset Tutorial Missions: gm ChongZhiRenWu
  • View Server Status Information: Debuginfo 1
  • Close Server Status Information: Debuginfo 0
If you want to start a Soulmask dedicated server after reading these console commands, click the link below to begin with a few easy steps! Alternatively, chat with our 24/7 support staff for quick responses to concerns and queries.
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