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Soulmask Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now with BisectHosting

Posted on by justin
As the “last one” of a mysterious tribe, it’s your job to escape and survive a deadly sacrificial ritual. Eventually, you find an ancient mystical mask, granting abilities to increase survivability and even change the world to your will. It’s time to become the spiritual warrior you’re destined to be in a Soulmask dedicated server. Start a Soulmask dedicated server with BisectHosting today, and shape the world with your friends and your mystical masks. Gather resources, craft powerful gear, and build the perfect base to protect yourself from the elements and enemies.

Soulmask Dedicated Server Hosting Available Now

Soulmask Dedicated Server Soulmask is an open-world Early Access title with survival and sandbox features and mechanics. With a mask in hand (or on your face), use every ability, weapon, armor, and resource to survive and thrive in this harsh land. Progression through Soulmask lets its players use various features and systems, including the following:
Don Mystical Masks
Masks are at the core of this game, and each of them grants the user various benefits. For instance, wear the Civilization mask to gain a slight survivability boost. Progress, and wear masks like Tactical Guidance, which significantly improves the wearer’s Solar Conversion Efficiency and Base Energy Node Capacity. Over 10 masks are available in Soulmask at the time of writing. However, developer CampFire Studio aims to add more masks in future updates.
Strength in Numbers
Capture the enigmatic world of Soulmask and claim its citizens. Synchronize your consciousness with various tribespeople, recruiting them and strengthening your tribe. Additionally, possess anybody and take advantage of their unique abilities to become the ultimate survivor.
Let the Tribe Work for You
Do you find it difficult to manage an entire tribe by yourself? Worry not, as Soulmask allows you to take advantage of its powerful AI to help manage and grow your tribe, even while you’re away on hunts. Delegate NPCs with various tasks, including farming, harvesting, base patrol, and assembly line production. Some of your tribespeople can also help repair and maintain worn structures. Alternatively, let them draw a nice hot bath, which is the perfect way to end a busy day of exploration.
Choose Your Combat Style
At the time of writing, Soulmask has eight different weapon combat styles. Additionally, it has 75 supporting combat skills and special action modules. Select the appropriate combat style and supporting elements to tailor your character’s fighting techniques to your preferences.
Explore a Vast Open World
Staying in your tribe can be a peaceful life. However, satiate the taste for adventure by exploring the game’s massive map. In Soulmask, step into different biomes, including ancient ruins, deserts, wetlands, volcanoes, and snowy mountains. Then, claim the rewards hiding deep within these locations to help top the balance of this world to your favor.
Fight With and For Your Tribe
Although you can play Soulmask in single-player mode, you can also engage in real-time tribal warfare with other players. Experience the game’s optional PvP mode, which also takes advantage of realistic physics, to let you experience the golden age of tribal warfare. It's also worth mentioning that each server can cater to up to 50 players.

Soulmask Dedicated Server Features

Explore and experience the world of Soulmask at your fingertips with a dedicated server. Get a Soulmask dedicated server with BisectHosting today, and enjoy server features like the following:
  • Instant Setup: Jump right into the game with your friends in your Soulmask dedicated server as soon as your payment clears.
  • 24/7 Soulmask Support: Focus on surviving and building a bustling tribe while we have your back with our 24/7/365 support. Take advantage of live chat and tickets – no chatbots and automated messages!
  • Automated Updates: Our Soulmask dedicated servers automatically keep up with updates, so you won't have to. Manual options are also offered.
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