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Soulmask Clay Farming Guide: Locations & All Crafting Recipes

Posted on by justin
Clay is an essential resource in Soulmask and a versatile one at that. Players must farm a significant amount of this material to craft items and structures ranging from molds to traps. Some players might even ask help from their online pals in a Soulmask dedicated server to aid in farming this item. Make your Soulmask Clay farming operations easier by consulting the following guide.

Soulmask Clay Locations

Soulmask Clay It’s important to mention that you need a pickaxe to mine Clay in Soulmask. Thankfully, you can learn to craft one by going through the tutorial. While Clay is an abundant resource in Soulmask, it's one you'll likely need plenty of - so it's worth grabbing a lot when you're around it. Players can find clay nodes most frequently at the shores of lakes and rivers. So, finding Clay in Soulmask is typically as easy as traveling to the nearest lake or river and travelling down the coasts. Thankfully, Clay nodes respawn over time, so you won't need to go across the map to find more once you exhaust a location. However, some players run into an issue where their resources stop respawning. Developer CampFire Studio acknowledges this problem and is working on fixing it.

Clay Crafting Recipes

Soulmask Clay Crafting Recipes As mentioned earlier, Clay is a versatile resource, allowing players to craft various items and structures. You’ll find the crafting recipes that use Clay in Soulmask below:
  • Ceramic Mold: 10x Clay
  • Plaster: 1x Lime (Optional: 1x Clay and 2x Cinder)
  • Well: 20x Thatch, 20x Clay, and 10x Rope (Optional: 1x Log and 10x Hardwood)
  • Potting Table: 25x Clay, 10x Stone, and 10x Plank
  • Brewing Tank: 20x Stone, 2x Ceramic Mold, 10x Hardwood Plank, and 50x Clay
  • Dye Vat: 80x Clay, 2x Ceramic Mold, 20x Branch, and 10x Cotton Rope
  • Fertilizer Bucket: 10x Stone, 20x Clay, and 10x Plank
  • Furnace: 100x Stone, 5x Ceramic Mold, and 50x Clay
  • Worktop: 60x Bronze Ingot, 100x Stone Brick, 20x Hardwood Plank, and 50x Clay
  • Building Workshop: 20x Clay, 20x Plank, and 10x Thick Rope (Optional: 1x Stone and 40x Flint)
  • Ice Cellar: 100x Stone Brick and 50x Clay
  • Cooling Table: 50x Stone Brick, 40x Premium Leather, 40x Clay, and 20x Hardwood Plank
  • Stone Foundation: 8x Stone Brick and 5x Clay
  • Bowl: 15x Clay and 1x Ceramic Mold
  • Cup: 12x Clay and 1x Ceramic Mold
  • Farmland: 20x Clay (Optional: 1x Stone and 40x Flint)
  • Water Tank: 20x Clay, 2x Leather Rope, and 2x Ceramic Mold
  • Earth Kiln: 50x Clay (Optional: 1x Stone and 100x Flint)
  • Groundspike: 10x Branch and 5x Clay
  • Rainwater Collector: 20x Clay, 2x Ceramic Mold, 8x Wooden Handle, and 5x Thick Rope
  • Earth Kiln Part 1: 20x Stone Brick and 20x Clay
  • Small Trap: 20x Branch, 10x Clay, and 5x Thick Rope
  • Concealment Mod 1: 2x Clay and 2x Fire Ash
  • Breeding Farm: 20x Clay, 60x Bronze Into, 100x Plank, and 20x Leather Rope
  • Yellow Paint: 2x Clay
  • Stone Pillar: 4x Stone Brick and 2x Clay
  • Stone Stairs: 5x Stone Brick and 5x Clay
  • Corrosion Tank: 5x Sulfur Powder, 5x Niter Powder, 2x Acidic Fluid, and 10x Clay (Optional: 1x Purified Poison and 2x Premium Poison)
  • Fecal Tank: 2x Feces and 5x Clay
  • Grease Tank: 5x Cooking Oil and 5x Clay
  • Slime Can: 1x Egg and 5x Clay
  • Combustion Can: 5x Mineral Oil, 10x Carbon Powder, and 5x Clay
  • Quaking Star: 5x Clay, 1x Green Crystal, and 2x Resin
  • Sticky Trap: 10x Clay and 5x Plank (Optional: 1x Cooking Oil and 5x Mineral Oil)
  • Bathtub: 30x Hardwood Plank, 20x Stone Brick, 20x Clay, and 10x Bronze Ingot
  • Sticky Explosive Can: 2x Mysterious Fiber, 10x Explosive, 5x Clay, 10x Mineral Oil, 10x Cotton Rope, 5x Bee Wax, and 10x Iron Chainmail
  • Sticky Incendiary Device: 1x Combustion Can, 5x Cotton Rope, 2x Serum, and 5x Clay
  • Wooden Anti-climb Thorns: 10x Branch, 5x Clay, and 5x Plank
  • Explosive Can Trap: 1x Explosive Can and 10x Clay (Optional: 1x Plank and 5x Hardwood Plank)
  • Combustion Can Trap: 1x Combustion Can and 10x Clay
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