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How to Tame an Alpaca in Soulmask

Posted on by justin
Exploring Soulmask’s massive map on foot can take hours or even days, even when exploring with your friends on a dedicated server. Thankfully, you can tame an Alpaca and mount it to get around a little faster. So, continue reading as we cover where to find and how to tame an Alpaca in Soulmask.

Where to Find Alpacas in Soulmask

Soulmask Alpaca Location The Alpaca isn’t a rare mountable animal in Soulmask. Nonetheless, finding one slightly northwest of the initial spawn point is possible. In particular, travel northwest from the spawn point to the Claw Tribe area. Note that this isn’t a friendly tribe. So, prepare yourself for a fight. Another location slightly northwest of the spawn point is the Flint Tribe. This particular area is even closer to the initial spawn point. Remember to engage in tribal warfare and claim victory before exploring the nearby animal cages. Once you defeat the hostile tribespeople, you’ll eventually find an Alpaca in one of the cages. Smash the cage’s locked gate and grab the baby Alpaca inside. Then, return to your camp with the new Alpaca in tow.

How to Tame an Alpaca in Soulmask

Soulmask Alpaca While in your camp, place the Alpaca near a food and water source. Corn is a fairly common food source in Soulmask, particularly for Alpacas. So, place Corn near your baby Alpaca and wait for it to grow. Once it matures, you can craft an Alpaca Saddle to successfully tame it.

Alpaca Saddle Crafting Recipe

Start crafting the Alpaca Saddle in Soulmask by accessing the Knowledge & Technology Tree. Navigate to the Leather Gear section and select the Alpaca Saddle. Note that this item requires the following crafting materials:
  • 15x Leather
  • 10x Leather Rope
  • 10x Coarse Cotton
With the Alpaca Saddle crafted, interact with your Alpaca to place the item on it. Now, you can explore the map on Alpaca-back.
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