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Sniffer Mob Revealed – Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

Posted on by amber
Lost to the depths and forgotten by time is a mob from eras past aiming to have its name on the ballet you cast! Today we explore the first of the three mob vote mobs to be revealed. The Sniffer mob and all its details!

What is the Sniffer Mob?

The sniffer is a prehistoric mob thought to be extinct and lost to time. But with your vote, their eggs can be saved from ruined structures in the ocean depths. They are large and dinosaur-like in appearance, described as gentle giants who just love sniffing. They will sniff you, flowers, and most importantly, ancient seeds that will lead to new types of flowers. Since being announced, fans have also pointed out that the very rare overworld bone block structures match their appearance. Just how giant were these creatures?

How to Vote for the Sniffer Mob

To bring back the sniffer from extinction, cast your vote on October 14th, starting at noon EDT. The voting will be open for 24 hours and your ballet can be cast through a special bedrock server, the Minecraft Launcher, or Remember, it is one vote per Microsoft account!

Minecraft Live 2022

Sniffer Mob Once the votes have been counted, the winner of the mob vote will be announced live during Mojang’s yearly games expo, Minecraft Live. Check out Minecraft Live 2022 on the official Minecraft YouTube Channel or October 15th at noon EDT. Don’t have the time? We will have you covered with a full summary that very same night.

Sniffer Mob Revealed – Minecraft Mob Vote 2022

The sniffer is already gathering fans from across the internet! Who would have thought flower-loving dinosaurs would be so popular? But with all the fan art and voting campaigns, there is no doubt the mob vote has truly begun. What mob will arrive tomorrow? Hopefully, something just as fun! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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