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Rust Tugboat Guide: How to Get, Locations, & How to Use

Posted on by justin
The Tugboat in Rust is one of the game’s additions for its Deep Sea update. Unlike other marine vessels in the game, this boat can transform into a naval base. Get a tugboat, which becomes an invaluable structure for various offensive and defensive scenarios. So, continue reading to learn how to get and use a tugboat in Rust.

Tugboat Locations in Rust

Rust Tugboat Players must travel to small or large harbors to get a tugboat in Rust. That's because, unfortunately, this marine vessel can’t be bought from boat vendors. Also, speed is the name of the game when claiming tugboats because only a few of them will spawn per map. Once found, feed it some low-grade fuel to get it started.

How To Use The Tugboat

Authorization System
Not every player in a Rust map can use a tugboat. You must go through an authorization system first to claim and use this floating base. So don't quit your day job once you find one, make sure you get it under control first. To do this, first, go to its wheelhouse and access the captain’s controls. Press and hold “E” on your keyboard to authorize the ship, then in the following menu authorize yourself as a user of the vessel.
Using Deployables and Entities
Players can improve the Tugboat with plenty of different deployables and can build constructions as well. These can include anything from cosmetics like a rug or picture frame to full-blown functional constructions like various barricades and doors. Just keep in mind that Tugboats don't last forever, so your personal touches won't either.

Tugboat Durability and Decay Rate

Each Rust Tugboat has 3,000 health. Each weapon used on this vessel deals impact damage. For example, using fire-based ballistics results in impact damage since the ship is immune to fire. At the time of writing, one of the best ways to bring down an enemy tugboat in Rust is by using eight Time Explosive Charges. You can also use a standard pistol to try and sink this vessel, albeit you’ll need 8,000 rounds to be successful. Below is a list of ammunition and the damage they deal to the tugboat in Rust, gathered via Corrosion Hour:
  • Pistol Ammo: 0.375
  • 5.56 Rifle Ammo: 0.646
  • Explosive 5.56 Rifle Ammo: 4.15
  • 40MM HE Grenade: 30.05
  • Satchel Charge: 56.5
  • Rocket: 193.2
  • Torpedo: 263.2
  • HV Rocket: 277.5
  • MLRS: 309.4
  • Timed Explosive Charge: 385
The tugboat also decays over time. In particular, it’ll decay after 36 hours since it spawned into the map. However, the starting timer for the decay will be 24 hours after a player interacts with it and authorizes themselves with the ship. During this period, you and your mates can do any allowable activity on the tugboat. And in between the important things, you can also play some sea shanties while you strategize your next move.
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