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Rust Submarine Guide: How to Get, Stats, Controls, & More

Posted on by justin
Introduced in the Going Deep update, the submarine in Rust gives a whole new meaning to the words “surprise attack.” With it, one or two players can traverse seas while remaining virtually undetected. So, keep reading as we dive deep (pun intended) into the Submarine in Rust.

How To Get The Submarine In Rust

Rust Submarine The submarine in Rust doesn’t spawn naturally. Instead, players must purchase one from the boat shop at fishing villages, like other marine vessels in the game (except for the tugboat). You must spend 100x Scrap to buy the one-man model and 200x Scrap for the two-man unit.

Types of Submarines in Rust

As mentioned earlier, the Rust submarine has two types: solo and duo. Of the two variants, the duo has more features than its solo counterpart. However, the solo submarine is typically easier to control than the duo variant.
Solo Submarine (Red/Brown)
The solo submarine has a design reminiscent of a large, rusty, and red oil barrel. Some players might also mistake it as a DIY barrel with a fin in the water. By default, this submarine model has 500 HP. It also has a sail (also called a fin) that stands out. This part is also the vessel’s entry and exit point. Finally, the solo sub has 12 storage slots for loot and extra fuel. With these features, it’s clear that this underwater vessel can be better for reconnaissance than frontline combat.
Duo Submarine (Yellow)
The duo submarine is the pricier option when compared to the solo vessel. However, it has a slightly larger hull than the solo variant to fit an additional person. The sail is also not as distinct as the solo unit, allowing it for stealthy approaches when attacking other marine vehicles, like boats and kayaks. By default, this submarine mode has 700 HP. Also, the duo submarine has a captain’s chair. In front, it has an instrument cluster showing you the following pieces of information:
  • Fuel Gauge: Displays a maximum of 160 fuel units. However, the actual number can exceed that value as the submarine can hold as much as 500 low-grade fuel.
  • Speedometer: Reads a maximum of 20 KM/M & MPH.
  • Sonar Control: Displays red dot indicators to indicate players near Underwater Lab monuments and other operational submarines.
  • Depth Level Gauge: Shows the submarine’s current depth, which can go as deep as 45 meters.
  • Torpedo Storage: Displays the number of available torpedoes in the vessel, which can be as high as 100.
  • Ammo Indicator: Indicates whether a torpedo can be fired or not.

Submarine Controls in Rust

Similar to vehicles from other games, you must use unique controls to maneuver it. Thankfully, maneuvering for the solo and duo submarines has the same controls between them. With that said, here are the main Submarine controls in Rust on PC.
  • E: Enter
  • W: Accelerate
  • S: Decelerate (hold to reverse)
  • A: Turn Left
  • D: Turn Right
  • F: Toggle Headlights
  • Spacebar: Exit
  • Shift: Ascend (hold)
  • Left CTRL: Submerge (hold)
  • Left Mouse: Fire Torpedoes
  • Alt & /: Look Around (camera controls)

How Much Oxygen Does a Submarine Have in Rust?

A 10-minute oxygen timer appears upon submerging in the submarine. During this period, the vessel will use its oxygen reserves. Refill the sub’s oxygen tank by resurfacing it. If not, a warning appears that you’re running out of oxygen. Failure to resurface without heeding the warning will result in your character’s demise.

Decay and Repair Rates

Like other marine vessels in Rust, the submarine can decay if left unused. In particular, it’ll lose health over time and completely deplete after 240 minutes. This period reduces to 180 minutes if the submarine is underwater. However, this vessel won’t decay when you leave it indoors with a roof over its head. You and other players can also repair submarines using a wooden hammer and metal fragments. Each hammer swing consumes about five metal fragments, healing the sub for about 55 to 65 health points.
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