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Rust August Update: Patch Notes & New Features Explained

Posted on by justin
Rust developer Facepunch Studios frequently releases updates for their online survival title, and the latest update for August 2023 introduces some exciting new features and plenty of bug fixes. With that, let's break down the Rust August Update patch notes and the biggest new additions and changes.

What’s New in the August Update in Rust?

Dubbed the Wounded patch, the Rust August update for 2023 fixes various quality-of-life (QoL) issues plaguing the game since the Deep Sea update. Additionally, this latest version brings multiple new features into the game, including the following:

Wounded UI Update

Rust August Update Wounded UI Before the Rust August update, players typically see a sizeable on-screen text during a wounded state. You’ll still see that text on your screen. But this time, you’ll see two new gauges: Recovery Chance and Time Remaining. Your character dies when the latter gauge depletes.


Rust Emoji Gone are the days when you must type long text strings in the chat box to send a relatively simple message. Now, select from various emojis, improving communication and banter among players on the same map. Players can also toggle emojis from their chat boxes, which can be good if other people start spamming them.

New Brick Skin

Rust Brick Skin It’s important to mention that the Rust August update is free. However, the Rust DLC is locked behind a paywall. However, downloading and installing this new skin for brick buildings enhances the depth of those establishments.

Rust August Update Patch Notes

The Rust August update brings more than a new Wounded UI, brick skin, and emoji support. You’ll find the full patch notes for this version of the game below:

New Features

  • Added new wounded information
  • Added Chat Emoji
  • Added brick building skin
  • Added procedural generation customization


  • Buffed the burst module weapon attachment
  • C4 and satchel charges can now be placed on all vehicles again
  • Object sitting on other moving objects now requires fewer network data
  • Scaling free CUI layer now scales by resolution but still ignores the user’s UI scale setting
  • Ping SFX is now affected by the Game Sounds UI slider
  • Added a new model for the Laser Detector
  • Added ammo world model variations to correlate with stack size

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a missing collider on the above-ground Work Cart
  • Fixed not being able to swim through the door of tugboats that were sunk underwater at a steep angle
  • Fixed players being pulled down with sinking tugboats
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor not respecting Maximum amount when transferring multiple Hazmat’s with different skins
  • Fixed Industrial Conveyor failing to move an item if a broken version of that item is in the output container
  • Upgrading the grade of a building block should be much less likely to destroy industrial pipes deployed along it
  • Fixed ceiling blocks incorrectly destroying industrial pipes around them
  • Gutting a fish now displays the correct item count popups above the vitals UI
  • Fixed an extra viewmodel sometimes appearing when entering a safe zone
  • Fixed the “cinematic_list” command not working
  • Can no longer place Towels underneath Foundations
  • Fixed Slot Machines not having a shadow proxy box in the deposit slot
  • Fixed SAR missing internal face on both viewmodel and world model - improved shading on world model LODs
  • Fixed gaps in the RHIB
  • Fixed RF Transmitter not having aerial extended in the world model
  • Fixed clipping and motion blur issues with the access cards
  • Fixed position of the 16x scope on Homemade LMG so it doesn't clip into the face in 3rd-person PoV
  • Fixed wrong gib rotation for the small storage box
  • Fixed missing bottom faces on all LODs for the gears world models
  • Fixed gaps in the WoodCrate model
  • Fixed startup issues on macOS Sonoma
  • Improved Steam auth NetworkIdentityFailure logging
  • Fixed several issues with server-side demo recording
  • Fixed demo playback exceptions always stopping demo playback entirely
  • Fixed a crate blocking players on the small oilrig docks
  • Fixed collision accuracy at the back of the excavator, filled the room there to block LOS
  • Fixed several locations in monuments where dropped items would clip under
  • Fixed broken concrete rubble pile in the lighthouse
  • Fixed holes in the lighthouse exterior
  • Fixed getting stuck on pipes in the Arctic base
  • Fixed position and sizes of the supermarket ceiling lights
  • Fixed ceiling in one of the portacabins would disappear on low graphical settings
  • Fixed several collision mesh issues for powerlines
  • Fixed Abyss Torch being lit when dropped
  • Fixed an invisible collider near the smoke stack on the small oil rig
  • Fixed a bug where some monument lights were glowing even when they were turned off
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