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Real World Events Held in Minecraft

Posted on by bisecthosting

During the pandemic, many common gatherings were canceled for public safety, but that did not stop tech-savvy individuals from finding an unexpected workaround! Together with friends, family, and teachers too, Minecraft servers were used to create a space for virtual gathering instead. Today we will be exploring many real world events held in Minecraft and their exciting success!

High School Proms in Minecraft

A hallmark of western high schools is prom, and due to the pandemic, many students were going to miss out, save for a few students who intended to find another way! Together, students of Westview High School not only set up a Minecraft server but built their entire school block by block to make it as authentic as possible.

And they were not the only ones! For customer privacy, we can not state names, but BisectHosting had the pleasure of sponsoring more than a few similar endeavors over the course of the pandemic. However, one does not need to look far to find other public examples!

University Ceremonies in Minecraft

Just recently, South Korea’s Yeungnam University held its entrance ceremony in Minecraft and shared it online for all to see. Minecraft fans on the Minecraft Subreddit were among many to show their enthusiasm and amazement for the event, but Yeungnam University is not alone either!

Schools across the world, and even in the United States, have done the same recently. Take UC Berkeley, or the University of California, who held their entire 2020 graduation within Minecraft! Keynote speakers used face cams, and students gathered in their football field built to scale. But what are the student responses to all of this?

While wholesome, it can only ever be bittersweet in the end. Minecraft will never be able to replace these once-in-a-lifetime moments that each student deserves to have. Yet, as many students have shared, it's allowed there to at least be something during these troubling times.

Festivals in Minecraft

The move to Minecraft for gatherings has not been limited to schools either! Quite a few festivals used Minecraft during the pandemic finding great success. A prominent example being the Lavapalooza Music Festival which brought groups such as 100 Gecs and fans together on very hectic Minecraft servers.

As one can see from the video above, the lag was quite bad, excluding the audio. If only they had hosted with BisectHosting instead! My silly and unfunny jokes aside, I am pleased to say that the festival organizers have continued to perfect these online performances, and user experience has only improved in the years since.

Real World Events Held in Minecraft

Real World Events Held in Minecraft: Pet Walking!

Little did anyone expect that the block game called Minecraft would go on to host graduations, proms, and festivals, but in the most interesting of ways, it shows the power of virtual gathering. From education to even family reunions, Minecraft, for reasons other than survival, continues to grow. And these examples are but a few in a sea of many! Interested in Canadian stories told through Minecraft, Maybe?

Until Next Time,

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