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Ranking the Best Minecraft Foods

Posted on by amber
Minecraft has an abundance of foods to try in-game, but which stand above the rest? Some claim foods with utility are the best, while others need only their stack of steak to succeed. Today we are ranking the best Minecraft foods based on our opinions and fans’ alike.

Suspicious Stew

Minecraft Suspicious Stew Number five on our list may seem a little suspicious, but if used correctly, this easy-to-obtain food can provide an abundance of helpful side effects, including health regeneration! However, while suspicious stew can heal and reduce hunger, it can just as easily poison. Our full guide on making suspicious stew can be found here.


Minecraft Steak The classic steak has been Minecraft’s go-to food for nearly a decade. It stacks to 64, provides plenty of hunger and saturation, and farming it also provides leather and milk along the way. Old faithful, I guess one could say!

Chorus Fruit

Minecraft Chorus Fruit Why number three? Because this fruit is a perfect accessory for the elytra. Eating one while in the sky will safely teleport the player to the ground nearby. This can save players from an otherwise deadly crash, but more importantly, it saves time. Not to mention it can be cooked into building blocks!

Golden Carrots

Minecraft Golden Carrots A surprising number of players don’t think to eat this nifty potion ingredient! Next to golden apples, it is one of the best foods in the game and provides the highest saturation (not hunger) of any stackable food item. The hunger it restores is only one point behind steak, but the increased saturation means you will have to eat far less often. Buying these from farming villagers is more cost-effective than crafting them with gold nuggets!

Golden Apples

Minecraft Golden Apple Despite the cost, nothing beats a golden apple, enchanted or regular. In PVP, this food can turn the tides of battle almost instantly, they will save your life during boss fights, and they provide a use for all that gold players often have by the late game. While we can not recommend eating them to restore regular hunger, they are essentially a stackable regeneration potion.

Ranking the Best Minecraft Foods

Minecraft has plenty of foods, and most players will usually have their favorite go-to. For myself, that is golden carrots and suspicious stew. What about you? We would love to hear your top five Minecraft foods! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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