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Project Zomboid: How to Teleport Players

Posted on by justin
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Exploring Knox Country on your two feet is always a dangerous idea. Zombies are everywhere, and one wrong turn can lead to an early grave. But if you're looking to meet up with your friends before you get into the thick of things, you can also teleport players in Project Zomboid, and we’re here to show you how.

How to Teleport Players in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid Teleport A player must be an administrator before using the teleport command in Project Zomboid. Creating a Project Zomboid server will automatically give you admin privileges. But you can also give another user on the same server these privileges these advantages by using the “/grantadmin” command (without the quotes). If this command doesn’t work, the “/setaccesslevel” command is another option to grant another user administrative rights. Also, all teleporting commands require you to open the console. Do so by pressing the ENTER, "`," or “T” keyboard keys. Once you're there, here are the methods to teleport in Project Zomboid:

Teleporting to Coordinates

Teleport to specific coordinates by typing the following command on the console: /teleportto x, y, z. For example, teleport to one of the gas stations by typing /teleportto 3710, 8942, 1. You can find the coordinates to a particular location here.

Teleporting a Player to You

If you’re playing in a multiplayer server, you can teleport another user to your location using the following command: /teleport <playername>. Substitute the <playername> tag with the user’s in-game name. Alternatively, press “ESC” to bring up the menu. Then, choose the “Players” option. Select the user you want to teleport to your location and press the “Teleport To You” button.

Teleporting One Player to Another

While still in an online multiplayer setting, teleport a particular player to another user using the following command: /teleport <playername1> <playername2>. Again, remember to change the <playername> tags with the users’ in-game names. You can use this command to teleport your character to another player’s location.

Teleporting Using Mods

Some Project Zomboid mods have teleport functions without the need to use these methods. One notable mod is ToastedFishSandwich's Teleportation Mod. With it, you can teleport using your arrow keys.
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