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Palworld Wheat Seeds Location Guide

Posted on by justin
Are you craving bread in your Palworld home? If so, you must farm for wheat. Achieving that goal requires gathering as many Wheat Seeds in Palworld as possible. So, are you ready to bake these dreams into reality? If so, keep reading this location guide!

How to Get Wheat Seeds in Palworld

Palworld Wheat Seeds Wheat seeds aren’t typically immediately available at the beginning of the game, particularly in Windswept Hills. You may want to go through the tutorial to learn the game’s mechanics, gather Pals, and equip better gear before venturing into the game’s open world. After finishing the tutorial, your first objective is to reach Level 15. That way, you can unlock the Wheat Plantation from the Tech Tree. Once unlocked, you can build it using 3x Wheat Seeds, 35x Wood, and 35x Stone. Note that you still need to gather at least 3x Wheat Seeds before you can build the Wheat Plantation. So, here are the ways you can find and farm for Wheat Seeds in Palworld.

Method #1: Capture (or Defeat) the Correct Pals

Palworld Dinossom Some wild Pals will drop Wheat Seeds when you capture or incapacitate them. In particular, the Pals to search for are the following:
  • Flopie
  • Bristla
  • Cinnamoth
  • Robinquill
  • Dinossom
Many players should find the Dinossom first rather than the other Pals mentioned above. You can find this creature north of the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate or at Marsh Island. Note that you may still need to search and walk around to find a Dinossom. Once found, weaken it and throw Pal Spheres at it to claim the creature as your own. Palworld Dinossom Location

Method #2: Purchase Wheat Seeds From Traders

Palworld Small Settlement Watch out for the traveling merchant to visit your base. This NPC can sell Wheat Seeds, but you’ll typically rely on RNG for the item to appear. Alternatively, go northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings, particularly to the Small Settlement. The coordinates for this small community are 71, -486. There’s also a fast travel beacon, so you don’t have to walk here again when returning. While in the Small Settlement, search for a red-clothed merchant. Interact with the NPC, and you should see the Wheat Seeds as one of the items he’s selling. However, each seed costs a hefty 100 gold.
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