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Palworld Crude Oil Guide: Locations, How to Gather, & All Recipes

Posted on by justin
The release of the Sakurajima Update in Palworld added various new content to the monster-taming title, including an important new resource called Crude Oil. Here we cover how to get Crude Oil in Palworld, where to find it, and all of its uses as an important crafting material.

How to Farm Crude Oil in Palworld

Palworld Crude Oil Farming Crude Oil in Palworld is possible by first traveling to the new Sakurajima Island. Here, search for black patches scattered around the island's different regions, particularly the locale's central, northern, and eastern areas. You can see Crude Oil nodes on the map below. Palworld Crude Oil Locations Once found, you must use a Crude Oil Extractor to gather the resource. Note that you can unlock the recipe for this tool at Technology Level 50. It requires 250x Pal Metal Ingot and 50x Circuit Board to craft. Palworld Crude Oil Extractor Assuming you have a Crude Oil Extractor, place it over an oil patch to harvest the Crude Oil. Remember, the Crude Oil Extractor is a structure, which means it must be within a Pal Box's vicinity. That also means you must build a base near an oil patch before gathering Crude Oil. The Crude Oil Extractor must also have electricity to function. So, place a Large Generator nearby and summon power-generating Electric-type Pals with a Level 3 or higher “Generating Electricity” Work Suitability, such as Orserk, to ensure the Crude Oil Extractor runs smoothly. Although gathering Crude Oil with a Crude Oil Extractor is the most efficient way to harvest the material, an alternate way of farming this resource before you get it is by defeating specific Pals. In particular, knockdown Kikits and Sootseers in Sakurajima Island, as these wild Pals drop Crude Oil when defeated, giving players the chance to get some the old-fashioned way. Palworld Kikit Note: Oil patches don’t exist in the new Oil Rig stronghold in Palworld despite the location's name.

Crude Oil Crafting Recipes

Palworld Crude Oil Crafting Recipes Crude Oil is an endgame resource generally used as an ingredient to craft ammunition. The crafting recipes in Palworld using Crude Oil as a required material are the following:
  • Flamethrower Fuel: 1x Crude Oil
  • Frag Grenade Mk2: 20x Fiber, 3x Plasteel, 3x Gunpowder, and 3x Crude Oil
  • Missile Ammo: 1x Pal Metal Ingot, 1x Crude Oil, 1x Circuit Board, and 1x Pal Fluids
Additionally, Crude Oil is one of the ingredients used to craft Plasteel, another late-game resource. Crafting Plasteel requires 5x Crude Oil, 5x Paldium Fragment, and 10x Ore at the Electric Furnace.
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