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Nightingale Stress Test: Release Time Countdown, Test Duration, & How to Sign Up to Play

Posted on by justin
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Nightingale’s Early Access release date draws near! But before that eventful day arrives, developer Inflexion Games wants players to “break the portal network” through a stress test. The Nightingale stress test is sooner than you think, and we’re here to tell you about its duration and how you can sign up.

When is the Nightingale Stress Test?

Nightingale Stress Test The Nightingale server stress test begins and ends on February 2, 2024. The official time for the test to start will be 10:00 am MT. It'll also only run for four hours, which means the test will end at 2:00 pm MT on the same day.

How to Sign Up to the Nightingale Server Stress Test?

Nightingale Stress Test Signup Before, only chosen players who received an email from the developer could access the stress test. However, a February 1 announcement mentions that everyone who signed up can download the game and play it simultaneously. Additionally, according to a previous statement, all interested players can jump into the Fae Realms instead of letting a set number of users enter in waves. Now, you must only head on to Nightingale’s Steam page. Then, click the "Request Access" button in the "Join the Nightingale Playtest" section. It’s ideal to download the game as soon as you can. However, players who could download and install Nightingale before the stress test servers go live can't access the game until 10:00 am MT.

How Does the Stress Test Work?

During the stress test, players will enter a modified version of an early-game scenario. At this particular point, the game skips the tutorial content. Additionally, each Realmwalker has pre-equipped tools and gear and multiple unlocked crafting recipes. Also, players can build their characters as much as they want before the stress test ends. The developers assure Realmwalkers that there are no hard limits placed on building characters. However, all character data from the stress test to the Early Access launch version won't be carried over. It's also important to mention that a massive influx of players is expected during this testing period. So, players should expect mishaps, such as errors, glitches, and lags while playing. Inflexion Games advises Realmwalkers to follow the game's various social media channels, particularly its official Discord server. Here, you’ll find a dedicated channel where you can express any feedback from your experience during the stress test. Note that your review will be valuable information in helping the game improve. Additionally, players can stream or record their stress test gameplay and post these clips online since this event isn’t part of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). However, the developer advises players to explicitly state that the streamed or recorded videos come from the stress test and not from the Early Access version.
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