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Myth of Empires Update Patch Notes (March 14th) - New Guild Shop Items, UI Changes, & More

Posted on by justin
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Myth of Empires developer Angela Game frequently adds updates to this immersive online war sandbox title. The latest patch adds changes to the Guild Shop’s UI, along with new items to the aforementioned store. So, continue reading and dive deep into the Myth of Empires March 14 Update to learn more about this patch.

What’s in the Latest Myth of Empires Update? (March 14)

Myth of Empires March 14 Update The Myth of Empires Match 14 Update includes new additions, optimizations, and bug fixes. First, the latest content includes new items in the Guild Shop, including the Makeup Case and Makeup Case (Warrior) items. The Guild Shop’s Gold Token Tab also has limited-time items, like the Glutinous Pomegranate Cake, Amber Icing Cake, and Orange Almond Cake. While still on the game’s Guild Shop, the store receives a UI refresh. In particular, players can now find the Gold Token Tab at the bottom-right of the shop’s UI. Moving forward, the Myth of Empires March 14 Update made its character creation more flexible with new customization features. Now, players can change their characters' Philtrum, Auricle, Nostril Flare, Chin Breadth, and Mouth Height apart from other physical features. The update also adds a quality-of-life improvement wherein players can recover a placed building within 10 seconds of putting it on the ground. This change reduces the risks of wasting resources if players make mistakes in building their bases. As mentioned earlier, this update has various performance and gameplay optimizations and bug fixes. For instance, players can now view the difference between Crude and Fine Repair for weapons when looking at their smithing attributes. As for the bug fixes, they include repairs to specific issues like incorrect footprint display latency and towers not targeting players holding shields.

Myth of Empires March 14 Update Full Patch Notes

Below are the full patch notes for the Myth of Empires March 14 Update.
New Content
  • 1. UI change: changed the location for the Gold Token tab in the Guild Shop, it is now located at the bottom right of the Guild Shop interface
  • 2. New items in the Guild Shop - Gold Token Tab: Glutinous Pomegranate Cake, Amber Icing Cake, Orange Almond Cake, Honey Bean Cake, Gilded Phoenix Cake. Each item will be available to be purchased 5 times in total till March 31st
  • 3. Makeup Case (Warrior), and Makeup Case are added to the Guild Shop - Gold Token Tab
  • 4. Added Chin Breadth, Philtrum, Auricle, Nostril Flare, and Mouth Height to character customization
  • 5. You can toggle on/off masks after wearing the skins
  • 6. Now you can take back the building if it is not attacked within 10 seconds once you put it down
  • 1. Increased the fertility from pulverization for common farmland
  • 2. Adjusted the Expertise quest, and changed some quest description
  • 3. Adjusted some of the daily quest types, and added resource-gathering quests
  • 4. Adjusted the Map function, added a show my current location button at the bottom right
  • 5. Adjusted the market interface, and added some filters for different categories
  • 6. Adjusted the search function for the market, fuzzy search is available now
  • 7. Fixed the wrong description for the Cross-Server Cool Downs
  • 8. Adjusted Resource Levying interface at the Boundary Marker
  • 9. Adjusted if you did not enter the protection time at the Boundary Marker will make you unable to save the settings
  • 10. Fixed the wrong description when the character's Recruitment level is not high enough
  • 11. There will be a double-check interface for the mount release at the Large Mount Stable
  • 12. Now you can check the deceased Horse's stats while clicking the button under the horse's icon in the stable
  • 13. Adjusted the operation procedure for Farmlands, added double-check interface
  • 14. Now you can preview the difference between Crude Repair and Fine Repair for weapons with smithing attributes
  • 15. Changed the food consumption display unit to per hour in the animal pens
  • 16. Fixed the item description for personal resource collecting buildings, they are only buildable at PVP servers
  • 17. Changed the level requirement for Beast Lord Equipment from lvl.55 to lvl.59 now
  • 18. Materiel Officers can be teleported to designated locations in Vigilante Instances now
  • 19. Preparation time reduced from 5 min to 2 min for Vigilante Instances
  • 20. Adjusted the ending screen for Vigilante Instances, added final ratings for each run
  • 21. NPCs killed by towers will no longer drop copper coins
  • 22. Adjusted the warrior's location reset cool-downs to 5 min
Bugs Fixed
  • 1. Fixed Crude Planter can not plant high-quality crop seeds
  • 2. Fixed the Server types that are not showing correctly under certain circumstances
  • 3. Fixed Black Iron Long Hammer and Meteoric Long Hammer can not be repaired
  • 4. Fixed the wrong icon for Iron Long Hammer and Meteoric Long Hammer
  • 5. Fixed some wild farmlands that are not plantable at Dongzhou Map
  • 6. Fixed the wrong displayed tax rate on the county list
  • 7. Fixed holding a shield will not be attacked by towers
  • 8. Fixed the loss of Reserve Proficiency when changing the interface in the idle training
  • 9. Fixed lack of description for the Animal pens
  • 10. Fixed the dressing tables can not be accessed, same guild members
  • 11. Fixed the footprints display latency
  • 12. Fixed the Taming Ground can not be accessed within the Boundary Marker radius in PVE servers
  • 13. Fixed the Mechanical Storage Box does not count the total weight capacity within it
Custom Servers
  • 1. Minting function in the cluster servers requires the players to collect them at the Materiel Officer at the county
  • 2. Added plunder event switch in the server settings
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