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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - September 25th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft is moving fast as we approach update 1.18, the final part of Caves and Cliffs. 

Even better, Minecraft Live is also coming soon, and it will likely introduce the next big Minecraft update coming in 2022!

But with all of these big things up next, it’s easy to look past all the little things that are happening around the Minecraft world.

With that in mind, here are all the biggest moments and news from this week for Minecraft.

Minecraft Dungeons Arrives on Steam

Minecraft Dungeons has finally arrived on the most popular PC gaming market, Steam!

This is a brand new place for players to connect in Minecraft Dungeons which offers cross-platform support (though it’s important to note saves don’t travel across platforms).

Minecraft Dungeons has expanded a ton since its original release, including a whopping six paid DLC packs ($5.99 each) which you can pick up via the Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate DLC bundle for $19.99.

While Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have Steam Workshop support, it’s still a great way to get new players in and revive interest for those that enjoyed the game at launch.

Minecraft Charity Stream Raises $323,000 for Cancer Research

Technoblade has brought together some pillars of the Minecraft community to work together on a massive charity stream - and as a result, it raised a whopping $323,000 for cancer research. 

The stream let donors take over Minecraft gameplay, which resulted in plenty of great moments you can catch by watching the whole stream back here.

The massive donation total went to the Sarcoma Foundation of America, and it’s likely we’ll see more streams like it in the future as the Minecraft community continues to give back.

Minecraft Update 1.18 Snapshot Update 21W38A Arrives

The last part of Minecraft Caves and Cliffs, Update 1.18, has a brand new Snapshot Update offering some of its upcoming features for players to test now.

The first Snapshot Update was massive, and the newest, 21W38A, builds on that growth.

With Minecraft Snapshot 21W38A out now, here are some of the highlights of its patch notes:

  • Sprinting is no longer reduced to walking when gently brushing your sleeve against a wall
  • Fixes for the distribution of ores
  • Increased the amount of copper
  • Lapis lazuli generates in blobs, like other ores (instead of spread out)
  • A new setting has been added: “Simulation distance”
  • Maximum amount of background threads increased
  • Added telemetry for world loading
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