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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - November 30th

Posted on by bisecthosting

The Minecraft world is full of moving parts, which means there’s always something big just around the corner.

Players can’t keep their eyes off of the massive game rework coming with Caves & Cliffs in 2021, but there’s plenty happening in-between. Even better, we are also getting pieces of the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update as we approach launch day.

So what’s new in the world of Minecraft?

Dripstone Caves Arrive

Thanks to a new patch for Minecraft Java Edition (Snapshot), players can now experience one of the new biomes coming to Minecraft Caves & Cliffs - Dripstone Caves!

(Image Credit: Flowerscow)

Dripstone Caves will be a wondrous new addition to the depths off Minecraft, allowing for natural creation of massive stalactite and stalagmite formations in this new biome. These new formations will drip liquids, so you’ll have to be wary if lava is above!

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You can enjoy Dripstone Caves in Minecraft Java Edition thanks to the new Snapshot update, and this comes alongside Goats and Powder Snow which players can check out on the Minecraft 1.17 Beta.

600 Million Active Players

The Minecraft population is reaching record heights according to a new report! This report suggests that 400 million of the 600 million active players it suggests come from China.

This is a huge surprise, and gives a glimpse into how Minecraft is viewed internationally.

While this hasn’t been confirmed by Mojang just yet, it does make sense with COVID-19 quarantine keeping more people at home worldwide than ever.

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With so much action behind Minecraft, the energy is palpable as we approach new and improved content in 2021.

Fake Minecraft Mods Threaten Android Users

Minecraft mods are a problem for players that don’t know where to find them, or how to install them properly.

For this reason, you can check out our guide for the best Minecraft mods for new players.

A huge amount of fake Minecraft mods have popped up across Google Play, which target Android users with spam ads and more.

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To avoid these problems, it’s important to research where to find the best Minecraft mods, and not download any Minecraft mods you don’t trust fully.

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