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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - May 30

Posted on by bisecthosting

It’s been an eventful year in and around Minecraft so far, and we aren’t even at the best part just yet.

All Minecraft fans have kept their eyes on The Wild Update since its announcement on October 21st, 2021, and we’re finally almost to the finish line!

Here’s all the big news around Minecraft this week, including a confirmed Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update release date, new maps, and more.

Minecraft 1.19 Release Date REVEALED

After months of waiting, we’re finally around the corner - Minecraft 1.19 has a confirmed release date!

A Very Scary Snapshot | Minecraft

This release date was revealed by Mojang via a blog post breaking down all of the update’s new content. In it it was finally confirmed that the Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update release date would be Tuesday, June 7th.

The Wild Update will add tons of spooky new content adding a new tone to the game by introducing the Deep Dark and Mangrove Swamp biomes - all set with their own mobs and wildlife, including the iconic Warden.

DON'T MISS IT: Minecraft 1.19 Pre Release 3: Try Out The Wild Update Features Now

8 New Maps Added to Java Realms

Minecraft has always allowed for tons of creative ways to play, and Mojang loves to highlight when new creations are available. This week, 8 new Minecraft maps have arrived on Java Realms for players to try, and they cover all sorts of scenery and gameplay experiences.

These new Java Realms maps include the following:

  • Whirlpool Parkour - A parkour map that offers a fast-paced time challenge with players tasked with completing the entire thing, which all builds on itself, to compete on speed.
  • Parkour Spiral 3 - A parkour map that, just like its namesake, challenges players to navigate a massive spiral tower of a parkour course.
  • Upwards- A puzzle map that challenges players with tons of logical challenges all with one singular goal in mind - to go onwards and upwards.
  • Nature Oasis - A scenic map filled with gorgeous wildlife and constructions to explore.
  • Snowy Skirmish - An arena map made for team-based snowball fights complete with a changing landscape and unique powerups.
  • Glisten - An inspiration map filled with a beautiful, lush environment that players can relax in or add onto in their own world.
  • Mushroomland - A scenery map that expands on the mushroom biomes of Minecraft with massive, towering mushrooms and buildings that match the environment, great as a base for mushroom biomes in your own world.
  • Seabeach - A template map with a complex coastal building design resting on a scenic beach landscape, perfect for expanding upon with custom creations.

MCC Pride 2022 Announced: Start Date Revealed

The Minecraft Championship is a significant community event that brings competitors from all corners of the game. One of its most successful annual events will soon be back once again this year, MCC Pride 2022.

(Pictured above: All MCCP 2021 teams from last year)

The event finally has a start date that fans can look forward to! The stream will run on Saturday, June 18th.

Recently the MCC 2022 team lineups were also finally revealed via a trailer with clips of all contestants.

You can check out the trailer to see the content creators and contestants competing in the event here.

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