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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - May 12th

Posted on by bisecthosting

The world of Minecraft is moving forward after the massive Caves and Cliffs announcement which is splitting the update into two.

With a new Snapshot Update giving players pieces of the upcoming Minecraft 1.17 patch - you can get ahead of the game and test new features.

But that's not all that's going on around Minecraft this week.

Minecraft Snapshot Update 21w19a

Caves and Cliffs has been all the rage in Minecraft since its announcement in October 2020, and each new Snapshot Update brings players closer by letting them try new features ahead of time.

Minecraft Update 21w19a is no different, and there's plenty of exciting things in its patch notes!

Read over the highlights below:

  • Upgraded to Java 16
  • Made geodes significantly rarer
  • Unfinished items (Sculk Sensor, Bundles, and Candles) have been removed from the creative inventory
  • New item syntax improvements
  • New block tags

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How to Train Your Dragon DLC Now Live

Minecraft has reached a brand new DLC pack, a crossover with Dreamworks How to Train Your Dragon!

This DLC includes plenty of friendly dragons, new animals, items, zones, and plenty more.

Check out the action-packed How to Train Your Dragon Minecraft DLC Trailer here.

Mojang Developers Break Down the Future of Minecraft Dungeons 

Minecraft Dungeons took the world by storm with a massive launch.

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Ever since, the game has had consistent new DLC packs to shake things up with new maps, regions, weapons, armor, skills, mobs, and more.

In a new Ask Mojang, the developers came together to answer questions about Minecraft Dungeons, including some questions on its future.

In it we learned about upcoming DLC, development philosophies, and new mobs coming to Minecraft Dungeons in the near future.

Check out the new Ask Mojang in full here.

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