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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - March 5th

Posted on by bisecthosting

The new year has plenty in store for Minecraft on the horizon, but that's not all the action. While players look forward to Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, it's important not to miss all the little things too.

Each week there are tons of things going on around the world of Minecraft from new game updates to new community creations and plenty more along the way.

With that, let’s dive into all the latest Minecraft news this week.

Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.2 makes some technical improvements

Mojang is always looking for ways to improve the performance of Minecraft across all platforms and editions, and the latest Minecraft Java Edition update targeted that this week.

This update made a number of technical changes related to Universal tags, structure and cave configuration and commands. Add to that a whopping 100 bug fixes, and things are looking much cleaner for Java Edition players.

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This update isn’t the prettiest, especially in light of the latest Minecraft The Wild snapshot update. After all, technical improvements aren't as exciting as giving players a chance to interact with Sculk blocks and Wardens. These improvements will, however, reshape the technical side of Java Edition for better-optimized performance in the long run while opening some new potential doors for modding and feature expansion.

Player manages to capture Wardens with new contraption

Minecraft is filled with wonder and fueled by creativity. And nothing exemplifies these values more than Redstone, and the many innovations this material has allowed the most dedicated builders.

Courtesy of a fantastic post on Reddit, one Minecraft player has revealed his system for summoning multiple Wardens and keeping their attention through a process that effectively captures them.

This system involves a technical rig of Redstone, lights, and pressure plates along with a Sculk sensor. These all function to keep more than one Warden preoccupied with its sounds and activation.

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Through this device, Reddit user /u/realsevnlabs can render these Wardens useless in a loop.

Fan creations like this are at the heart and soul of Minecraft. But its ability to render the upcoming big bad mob useless could very well spark some balance changes or adjustments in the Warden mob ahead of its launch in Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Java Edition will soon allow owners to get the other for free

Mojang announced this week via its new client that in Summer 2022, Minecraft players will be able to get either the Bedrock Edition or Java Edition of the game for free simply by owning the other!

According to the post, this will be retroactive for old owners as well as those purchasing one of the two editions after this new change is implemented.

This is great news for those that play Minecraft on multiple platforms, and especially those that haven’t already bought both!

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