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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - March 12

Posted on by bisecthosting

The world of Minecraft is constantly moving, but we have your back keeping up with all of the chaos.

As we approach Minecraft's biggest patch yet with update 1.17, there's still plenty going on now.

Let's dive right into to the biggest moments this week.

Minecraft Snapshot Introduces Lush Caves

While moving toward the Caves and Cliffs update, Minecraft has given players the chance to see new features in action.

Lush Underground Cave | Minecraft

The most recent Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Snapshot is 21W10A, which introduces the Lush Caves biome, makes Deepslate changes, and continues to build on ore distribution.

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Minecraft No Longer Supported on Several Platforms

If you play Minecraft on Android or Fire TV, we've got some bad news.

Minecraft Earth coming to an end | Minecraft

Mojang will no longer be supporting or updating Minecraft on these platforms, and multiplayer will now only work for devices on the same versions.

Players have the option to move their worlds from these platforms via Minecraft Realms to a new device.

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Minecraft Dungeons Receives Arcade Cabinet

Perhaps the most unique recent news in Minecraft is a move for Minecraft Dungeons.

This move pushes Minecraft Dungeons into a whole new space, with a new arcade cabinet in development!

This means players can bring Minecraft Dungeons to an authentic arcade experience with spaces for 4 players to take the sticks and buttons in a co-op experience.

With only a limited number being made, you won't want to miss out.

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