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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - June 16th

Posted on by bisecthosting

The world of Minecraft has been electric since the release of the first part of the massive Caves and Cliffs update - and it’s not slowing down yet!

Here’s all the biggest things that happened this week in the world of Minecraft.

Caves and Cliffs Releases on Bedrock, Java Editions

The Minecraft world fell into a standstill for months as players anxiously awaited the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update to arrive, which was first revealed in late 2020! 

The first part of the Caves and Cliffs update however has now been released on Bedrock and Java editions, and it includes a ton of awesome new content!

The first part of the update may not feature the more in-depth changes like cave generation and mountain generation - but it does include the new Caves and Cliffs mobs, blocks, biomes, and plenty more!

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Minecraft Celebrates Pride All Summer

A recent post has detailed Mojang’s plans for celebrating Pride in Minecraft, and there’s plenty of upcoming moments to do it!

This will include interviews with Mojang team members speaking to their experiences, putting out some Pride-themed Minecraft builds to the community, and a new Meet a Minecrafter episode among others.

This celebration will continue on throughout the Summer, so keep your eyes out for new developments!

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Creeper Catches Player Finding Amethyst for the First Time

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update has introduced tons of new content to hunt down and experience, but be careful, the world is still just as dangerous as it was before the patch!

One player recorded their experience running into the new Amethyst block for the first time, which took a very quick turn for the worst - a turn that all Minecraft players know very well. That is the sound of a Creeper preparing to blow up, and the realization that an exciting new journey has been cut short.

Watch the hilarious moment here.

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