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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - July 2nd

Posted on by bisecthosting

The world of Minecraft is always moving, and while The Wild Update may end up the biggest moment of the year, there’s still plenty of action you don’t want to miss.

With that, here’s everything you may have missed from around Minecraft this week!

Controversial Player Report Tool Affects Chat in ALL Servers

Mojang introduced a new player reporting system and feature with the release of Minecraft 1.19.1. This change introduced a new way to report players for what they say in the chat on multiplayer servers. 

While many users took to the internet to voice their discontent with this new feature and how far it reaches, Mojang is sticking to its decision and keeping the player report tool without any changes.

This feature targets hate speech, bullying, harassment, solicitation, and personal threats, and is available by default on all multiplayer servers, even private ones.

This system is reportedly run entirely by humans via direct reports and review from an independent entity, with Mojang outright denying any use of chat moderation bots.

While the controversial feature hasn’t landed with much praise, if you’ve been banned unfairly by it, you can appeal the case here.

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Minecraft Minions DLC Adventure Map Update Arrives

One of the more popular Minecraft marketplace items is the Minions mashup created by user Illumination. This map includes several different adventures and brings players right into the famous movie series with all of the biggest characters.

This week, the Minions DLC map received a massive update to reflect the latest Minions: The Rise of Gru movie.

This DLC offers some fun minigames to try out along the way, including Zodiac Showdown. In this game, you’ll fight the Vicious 6 in their Zodiac forms.

There's also more for fans of the series who own the Minions DLC in Minecraft. To celebrate the launch of the new movie, there’s also a free in-game Minion hood available in the Dressing room.

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Minecraft Marketplace Sale Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Speaking of the Minecraft Marketplace, Mojang has unveiled a massive Summer sale to celebrate the 5-year Anniversary

This sale will run from June 28th to July 12th. It offers up to 75% off of over 150 different content packs. It will also feature one free Character Creator item for each day of the sale as a daily login reward. 

On July 5th, the event will also feature a new adventure for free called Gatemode One: Spellcraft. On this map, players can master the elements to craft over 20,000 different spells, so there’s plenty to explore!

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