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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up - December 8th

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft Dungeons Howling Peaks Is Out Tomorrow!

Minecraft Dungeons is a huge title with tons of content, and it’s about to expand with a brand new DLC pack, Howling Peaks.

Howling Peaks arrives on 9 December, and will be the first new DLC pack that players can enjoy with the new addition of cross-platform play in Minecraft Dungeons!

Howling Peaks will be a mountainous themed DLC. It introduces over 11 new mobs, 3 locations, 12 new pieces of gear, and 10 enchantments among plenty more.

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We expect Howling Peaks will bring a big wave of players back to Minecraft Dungeons, and with cross-play, it means more opportunity to get into new games than ever.

Apocalyptic City Created in Minecraft

Some of the best content in Minecraft is created by its players, and this custom map of an apocalyptic city shows it.

This fantastic screenshot, posted by _Viator_ on, showcases a city that feels straight out of The Last of Us.

It features overgrown plant life, flooding, destroyed structures and more.

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While players can’t dive in to see the map themselves (though this may change) players can use it as inspiration to make their own similar creation from this awesome build.

Cornell Students Build University Map

Cornell University, like other public schools, has undergone massive changes since the onset of COVID-19.

Two students came together during the Cornell University campus closing to bring students back in a virtual world! This was accomplished via Minecraft, and the map is called CornellCraft.

CornellCraft is a virtual recreation of Cornell University’s Ithaca campus. 

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The map has expanded out from its two original creators to include thousands of visitors and contributors - and shows what players can do in Minecraft when working together.

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