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Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up – August 26th
Minecraft Weekly Wrap Up – August 26th

It’s been a busy week in the world of Minecraft – including some major Minecraft Dungeons news as well as a beta update with 1.18 features to test.

The world of Minecraft has moved fast this week, so there’s plenty to catch up with!

Here’s everything you may have missed this week, from new Minecraft feature testing to big Minecraft Dungeons news.

Minecraft Dungeons is Coming to Steam

That’s right, Minecraft Dungeons is coming to the most popular PC gaming marketplace – Steam!

Minecraft Dungeons has come a long way since it was released to a massive wave of hype over a year ago. 

With plenty of new content across many DLC packs in that time, even those that have taken a break from the game have good reason to come back and see it now. And now that Minecraft Dungeons is on Steam, it’s a great time to jump back in with friends.

Minecraft Beta Update Expands World Building Features

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs was split into two updates this year, and while update 1.17 included a ton of the best features, 1.18 still has a ton in store. 

As we get closer to Minecraft 1.18, new Beta updates continue to add upcoming features for testing purposes. 

The newest Minecraft Beta update,, expands the upcoming world generation features including big tweaks to its algorithm.
Read over everything new in the Minecraft Beta Update here.

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