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Minecraft VR: Platforms, Features, Graphics & More!

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VR is the next big step for gaming, and the tech is always improving.

One of the best games for VR today is Minecraft.

Let’s go over the different Minecraft VR platforms, and how the game looks and plays in virtual reality.

Minecraft in Virtual Reality

Minecraft is an immersive game with plenty of different environments, and VR brings this scenery to life for players in new ways.

While Minecraft isn’t the most graphically realistic video game, its responsiveness and engagement fits virtual reality perfectly.

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Whether it’s venturing deep into a cave, scaling a mountain, or boating down the coastline, Minecraft’s adventures grab players even better on VR platforms.

Minecraft VR Features

Minecraft takes into account many of the hiccups players have experienced in the development of VR.

To counteract these shortcomings, Minecraft includes some unique features in VR that smooth out and improve the overall game experience.

The first of these features is a VR living room where players can step out of direct VR to play the game on a simulated screen as a way to take a break and relieve eye strain.

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The second of these features is a new approach to VR turning, which gets rid of the traditional jerky and disorienting spinning in VR.

The third of these features is enhanced VR controls to give more intuitive options like turning your head to steer your character and locking onto blocks while you’re mining so you can look around while you work.

VR Platforms for Minecraft

There are 3 platforms where players can enjoy Minecraft in VR today.

These include Oculus Rift, Windows MIxed Reality, and Gear VR.

Players can enjoy Minecraft on these VR headsets via Minecraft on Windows 10, and the Gear VR headset includes Minecraft features from mobile and Xbox One as well.

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Along with these options, Minecraft also has Playstation VR support.

This gives you plenty of options for taking the Minecraft world into virtual reality.

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