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Minecraft Phishing Emails: How to Avoid Being Hacked

Posted on by amber
A new wave of phishing emails is being reported by Minecraft players, and this time they are harder than ever to detect! So, today we explore Minecraft phishing emails, how to tell which is which, and possible reasons your email was added to their mailing lists.

What Are Phishing Emails?

Minecraft Phishing Email 2023 Screenshot & Example Phishing is a term used for scams attempting to reel in your personal information. They often use fake emails disguised as reputable sources, but they can be as elaborate as people masquerading as close friends or family. The image above is an example of a phishing email pretending to be Mojang. This one in particular trying to trick people into “migrating” their Minecraft account, which would instead provide all the account details to the hacker.

How to Avoid Being Hacked

Minecraft Creeper Mob Despite their elaborate disguise, the best way to figure out if an email is fake is to check the sender. Major corporations and banks will always have emails ending in their respective website’s domain. For example, emails from Mojang will all be from In the example from “What Are Phishing Emails” they are using the domain '[email protected]' which is fake. If an email ever feels even slightly out of place, double-check the sender using previous emails from the company just to be safe.

How Did They Get My Email?

Gmail Logo Sadly, as an email is used more and more, chances are it will eventually be included in a data breach. This is when a website you have signed up for is hacked and its user data stolen. Thankfully, sites like “” can show if this has happened to you alongside which site was the cause. If you have fallen victim to a data breach, we recommend updating your password as quickly as possible.

Minecraft Phishing Emails: How to Avoid Being Hacked

The digital world is amazing, but it can also be frightening. However, taking preventative steps such as using password mangers and two factor authentication are great ways to fight back. Both will keep your data safe, and more importantly, your mind at ease. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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