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Minecraft Patch 1.16.4 Changes

Posted on by bisecthosting

The newest Minecraft patch has arrived, and while it isn’t exactly the most impactful (especially with Caves & Cliffs on our minds), it brings some quality changes nonetheless.

So let’s dive into what players can access live in game now.

Minecraft Patch 1.16.4

Minecraft Patch 1.16.4 introduces some nice new additions to multiplayer, and fixes many annoying bugs that were plaguing players.

Social Interactions Screen

We’ll start with the biggest highlight of the patch, a new Social Interactions screen.

(Image Credit:

The new Social Interactions screen will display for players in multiplayer servers. This screen will allow players to see every other player online, and individually click to mute players on the list.

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This is a fantastic addition to better control spam in multiplayer servers, and remove toxic players before they become a problem for you.

One minor annoyance with the new screen is that it resets your mutes each time you leave and rejoin the server. The good news is you get to enjoy the feeling of muting an annoying person again.

Bug Fixes

Outside of the social interactions screen, nearly the entire Mincraft patch 1.16.4 notes are dedicated to bug fixing.

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This patch hits bugs in a variety of settings, with most being technical in nature. It also makes some QOL and logistical improvements to text for things like error messages.

Let’s hit the most important bug fixes and QOL changes that made it to the new Minecraft patch:

  • Worn Netherite Leggings have received a more reasonable model
  • Players that are blocked from Minecraft on their Microsoft account will now be blocked in-game, restricting actions
  • Error messages for incompatible client versions and disabled multiplayer have been improved to be more accurate
  • World generation deadlock will no longer cause crashing
  • A divide by zero issue around the Ender Dragon that would crash games and give infinite velocity has been fixed
  • The cursor in specific menus will no longer blink

Try the Patch Now

Minecraft patch 1.16.4 is now live in Java Edition, and players can test out its new features and changes now.

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For players that want to get a hint of the Caves & Cliffs update to come in 2021, they can also play in the Minecraft 1.17 beta.

(Image Credit: /u/oliversfowler)

This beta previews changes coming to Caves & Cliffs. Currently it features the new goats coming to Minecraft, as well as powder snow.

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You can get into the 1.17 beta for free by opting in via your platform of choice.

It won’t be the full Caves & Cliffs experience, in fact far from it, but it’s a nice start so far out.

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