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Minecraft Live 2023: Who Was the Mob Vote 2023 Winner?

Posted on by amber
The polls have closed, and the votes are in! Which of the three mob vote mobs ended up with the win? Today, we explore the Mob Vote 2023 winner, the final numbers, and all the confirmed details on the mob arriving next spring or summer.

Who Was the Mob Vote 2023 Winner?

Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Winner Screenshot The mob vote 2023 winner was the armadillo with 42.3% of the vote! The crab followed behind with 32.5%, and the penguin came last with 25.2%. Overall, it was quite the landslide for a mob vote many expected to be close!

All Confirmed Armadillo Features

Minecraft Armadillo Mob Screenshot The armadillo is confirmed to spawn in multiple warm biomes, such as the savannah. Players who find an armadillo will notice it rolls up to defend itself, much like its real-world counterpart. While it is not confirmed exactly how it is obtained, the armadillo will drop an item called scute either passively or on death. Scute can then be used to craft wolf armor. However, the specifics of how much the armor will help remains unknown. Hopefully, it can be enchanted!

Mob Vote 2023 Protests

Mob Vote 2023 Chat Protests Screenshot While the mob vote is no stranger to debates and arguments, this year led to an unexpected unity among fans. Many players refused to vote in protest and spammed the chat for almost the entirety of Minecraft Live with the hashtag “STOPTHEMOBVOTE.” Unfortunately, they stated on the livestream that this mob vote had one of the largest turnouts yet. But, in perhaps a small victory or nod to those who protested, they also reminded fans that the frog lost their biome vote but still made it in. Perhaps we will see the loser of a past mob vote in Minecraft 1.21?

Minecraft Live 2023: Who Was the Mob Vote 2023 Winner?

Mob Vote Logo As this year’s Minecraft mob vote comes to a close, we can end it knowing that past mobs still have some hope. With how much copper is in Minecraft 1.21’s Trial Chambers, and part of the update’s theme being technical, wouldn’t it be the perfect time for the copper golem to come home? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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