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Minecraft Live 2021 Date Revealed: Schedule, Where to Watch & more

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft Live 2021 now finally has a date, so get out your calendars!

Here’s what to expect from the show this year, and when you can tune in to see what’s new.

Minecraft Live 2021 Schedule Revealed

Minecraft Live is back this year after revealing the massive Caves and Cliffs update last time around.

Minecraft Live The Recap | Minecraft

You can catch Minecraft Live 2021 on Youtube at 12pm EST on October 16th.

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Where to Watch Minecraft Live 2021

To catch the show live, you can watch on the Minecraft YouTube channel, or at!

What’s Coming this Year?

Much like last year, it’s likely we won’t have much of an idea of what’s coming at Minecraft Live before showtime. What we do know (thanks to the Announcement Trailer) is that fans will be able to vote for the next Minecraft mob to come to the game, and that alone is worth tuning in! 

The Caves Cliffs Update is here | Minecraft

More than this, last year Mojang revealed the biggest Minecraft expansion yet at last year’s show.

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While the Caves and Cliffs update was eventually split into two (with on still to come late this year in the holiday season), something that monumental is where Mojang has set the bar already. We expect this year to follow suit.

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