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Minecraft Legends Release Guide: Getting Started & Where to Buy

Posted on by amber
Minecraft Legends has finally gone live, and that means it’s time to give it a try! Today we explore where to buy, getting started once inside, and our first impressions, all within our easy-to-follow Minecraft Legends release guide.

Minecraft Legends Release Guide – Where to Buy

Minecraft Legends was released globally on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation. Those looking to buy the game need not look further than each console’s virtual store. As for those on PC, it is available through the Minecraft Launcher and Steam. Alternatively, Game Pass holders on Xbox and PC can download the game for free! All Digital Options:
  • Minecraft Launcher
  • Steam
  • Nintendo Store
  • PlayStation Store
  • Xbox Marketplace & Game Pass

Minecraft Legends Release Guide – Getting Started

When starting up Minecraft Legends for the first time, players will be greeted by four options, Campaign, Versus, Lost Legends and Myths, and Marketplace. From there, your desired type of gameplay can be selected, but campaign is recommended. Campaign provides fun story while teaching players the various mechanics unique to the game. Those who complete it can also jump over to “Lost Legends and Myths” for monthly challenges that add a twist to the standard gameplay. Both options can be done alone or in multiplayer co-op. If you are searching for legends of war, then versus is the place to be. Here teams of four go head-to-head in multiplayer PVP. The goal is to capture the enemy base while defending your own from both enemy players and piglin NPCs. Finally, the marketplace is where one can buy cosmetics for real money.

Our Initial Thoughts

Minecraft Legends Logo Minecraft Legends set out to be a more accessible real-time strategy game, and we believe it achieves that goal relatively well. The campaign is fun and the characters are memorable, the unique monthly challenges keep things fresh, and the PvP was enjoyable, even for amateur players. Will it be the next Starcraft? No, but it’s worth a try, especially for those stepping into the genre.

A Legend Awaits!

Minecraft Legends has been doing relatively well with its initial reviews, but we leave the question up to you. What is your rating for Mojang’s newest Minecraft addition? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =) BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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