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Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb: Release Date, Seasonal Format, All Content & Rewards

Posted on by bisecthosting

Minecraft Dungeons has been out for nearly two years, but a new innovation is coming that will shake things up - the first Seasonal content in the game’s history, Cloudy Climb.

Mojang has revealed a ton of details around Cloudy Climb from its rewards to its challenges as well as how seasonal content will work in Minecraft Dungeons.

With that, here’s what to expect from Minecraft Dungeons Cloudy Climb and when to expect it.

Cloudy Climb Release Date

Cloudy Climb arrives in Minecraft Dungeons on Tuesday, December 14th.

As Cloudy Climb will feature Seasonal content, this will be the kickoff of Season 1. Mojang has yet to reveal how long each Minecraft Dungeons Season will last, but if it follows the format of the DLC release schedule, we’d estimate around 3 months per Season.

Cloudy Climb Features

The Cloudy Climb Seasonal Adventure will bring a ton of new content to Minecraft Dungeons. Let’s dive into the biggest features coming to the game soon.

New Progression System

Cloudy Climb will introduce a new Progression System to Minecraft Dungeons. This system includes all kinds of gameplay from regular progression to completing new weekly challenges.

By completing Minecraft Dungeons content, players will receive Adventure Points that will advance their Adventure Rank.

These Adventure Ranks will then allow players to access harder content and challenges. Don't worry though, it'll all be worth it thanks to greater rewards as well!

The Tower

Another area of challenge in the new update will come from The Tower. This is a new location in Minecraft Dungeons that will push players into difficult solo challenges through the season.

As players progress through The Tower, through the form of their Avatar, they’ll meet harder challenges and fight for bigger rewards to customize their Avatar. 

The Tower is meant to be a more replayable game mode with different gear and upgrade paths available to really shake up how players’ Avatars end up between different runs.

Think of it as a more traditional randomized run where players can experiment with all kinds of powerful effects.


It can’t be a Minecraft Dungeons update without some new cosmetic rewards, and Mojang won't disappoint.

Cloudy Climb introduces new skins, pets, emotes, flairs, capes, and more to Minecraft Dungeons for Season 1. These rewards will change with a new theme each Season, giving players more to look forward to.

We don't have a full list of rewards yet, but you can look ahead with the introduction video from Mojang.

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