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Minecraft Championship Returns! All MCC 20 Teams, Dates & More

Posted on by bisecthosting

The months grew colder and colder without MCC, but like a fresh spring breeze, the 20th edition of Minecraft Championship is finally near! The rosters are stacked, the challenges reborn, and who knows what other surprises their grand return has in store! So, grab your raincoat and ready your umbrella because some MCC 20 news is coming in quickly like a spring storm!

MCC 20 Details & Date

All MCC 20 Teams: MCC Logo

In a series of mini-games, ten teams of streamers and YouTubers will be competing until only one remains. We are expecting the games and maps to have updates due to the long break, but nothing has yet been confirmed. As always, we will just have to wait and see!

Watch MCC 20 live March 26th, 2022, on the official Noxcrew channel at 3PM EST!

All MCC 20 Teams

Ten teams will be participating in MCC 20, but as many may have noticed, Dream and GeorgeNotFound will not be attending, unfortunately.

Red Rabbits

  • @sapnap
  • @Seapeekay
  • @Nihaachu
  • @Eret

Orange Ocelots

  • @Punztw
  • @burpled
  • @Elaina_Exe
  • @CptPuffy

Yellow Yaks

  • @IlluminaHD
  • @SB_737
  • @falsesymmetry
  • @renthedog

Lime Llamas

  • @TapLHarV
  • @WilburSoot
  • @shelbygraces
  • @TubboLive

Green Geckos

  • @Ph1LzA
  • @Ranboosaysstuff
  • @CaptainSparklez
  • @Smajor1995
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Cyan Coyotes

  • @PeteZahHutt
  • @GTWScar
  • @Ryguyrocky
  • @InTheLittleWood

Aqua Axolotls

  • @HBomb94
  • @5uppps
  • @GeminiTayMC
  • @NotAntfrost

Blue Bats

  • @Quig
  • @Preston
  • @theawesamdude
  • @TheOrionSound

Purple Pandas

  • @Krtzyy
  • @Sneegsnag
  • @DropsByPonk
  • @KaraCorvus

Pink Presents

  • @froubery
  • @tommyinnit
  • @JackManifoldTV
  • @ConnorEatsPants

MCC 20 Predictions

The long break is over, and hype has never been higher! It is a shame Dream will not be here this time around, but I don’t expect the competition to be any less fierce because of it.

I will personally be cheering for Green Geckos this time around, and although they may not have the best shot at winning, they will most definitely be very entertaining! My personal bias aside, Sapnap has seen quite a few recent victories. Will he achieve another while Dream is away?

In the end, only one team will be taking home the crown of Minecraft Champion. Who do you think it will be?

Until next time,

BisectHosting =)

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