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New Minecraft Account Migration Deadline Date Revealed

Posted on by justin
Announced in October 2020, Minecraft developer Mojang said that they require players to merge their accounts with their Microsoft accounts. Thankfully, the Minecraft account migration procedure is fairly straightforward. Many players have already moved to use their Microsoft accounts to access the game and its features since this announcement. Now, the developers have stated that the migration period is closing, and the deadline is approaching fast.

New Minecraft Account Migration Deadline Date Revealed

The Minecraft account migration deadline, which will force players to swap to Microsoft accounts to access the game, will end on September 19, 2023, at 10:59 am EST. Unmigrated accounts won’t be able to log into the game or website after that period. Failure to migrate after this period will inhibit players from enjoying future updates, including the upcoming version 1.20 patch. Additionally, support will cease for old Minecraft accounts two weeks before the migration deadline. Nonetheless, the Minecraft staff assured that migrated accounts will enjoy improved security and other benefits. These new security features include:
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Improved parental controls
  • Chat and invitation blocking
Migrating your Mojang account is free and will only take a few minutes. Plus, all saved data, worlds, profile information, and modpacks remain intact after the migration. Note: You can also experience elements of the upcoming patch by installing snapshots.

Last Call To Migrate Java Accounts

Minecraft Account Migration Last year, Mojang announced the last call for Minecraft players to voluntarily migrate their Java accounts. In particular, that old Minecraft accounts needed to be merged with Microsoft accounts by March 10, 2022. Players who didn’t migrate their accounts lose access to the Minecraft: Java Edition. However, regaining access is possible if users migrate their accounts before September 19, 2023. Additionally, Minecraft’s developers urge players to contact their customer support service if they can’t access their Mojang or Microsoft accounts or have issues during the process.BisectHosting Minecraft Promotional Image
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