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Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Items

Posted on by bisecthosting

2021 will be a huge year for Minecraft, with the implementation of RTX now live, and Update 1.17 Caves and Cliffs releasing.

Minecraft Update 1.17 will shake up many of the things Minecraft players have taken for granted, and introduce tons of new content - including new cave generation, new items, new mobs, biomes, and plenty more.

But one aspect of Minecraft Update 1.17 has gone under the radar with all of the other changes - that is the introduction of several interesting new items.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the new items coming to Minecraft in Update 1.17 Caves and Cliffs.

Amethyst Shard

Minecraft Caves and Cliffs will introduce a brand new block, Amethyst, with a 3-stage life cycle. The final yield of Amethyst Clusters will be Amethyst Shards. 

Amethyst Shards are a very specialized item for craftsman looking to push the bounds of technical creation.

Amethyst Shards are a part of 2 new items, Spyglass, and Tinted Glass.


Brushes are a new item in Minecraft Update 1.17, used to brush off layers from specific blocks.

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Brushes can be crafted, or found in archaeological excavation sites.

Bucket of Axolotl

Axolotls are a new mob type coming to Minecraft in Update 1.17, a predatory fish that can be kept as a pet (as long as it’s far from your fish tank).

Players can put Axolotls in Buckets, much like other fish like Cod, Salmon and more. Once captured in a bucket, players can tame the Axolotl by releasing it, preferably in its own aquarium.

Bucket of Powder Snow

Powder Snow is a new block type coming to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs. It will add some new texture to winter weather, a snow block that will massively slow down travel with players sinking while stepping over it. 

Players can make Buckets of Powder Snow by collecting it, and use it strategically to defend a base, mineshaft, or roadway.


Another new tool coming to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs is the Bundle.

Bundles will be a massive help for item storage on the go, holding a cumulative stack of most items. 

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Bundles are made from Rabbit Hide and String, which are both resources players can find fairly early on in Minecraft.


One of the more immersive new items in Minecraft 1.17 will be the Candle.

Candles will feature a whopping 16 different colors, and can naturally generate in caves!

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Candles will be an awesome source of light in Minecraft, and is a perfect accent to your home or mine shaft.

Ceramic Shard

Ceramic Shards will be a new item in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs that will be created through using a Brush on specific blocks in new excavation sites.

These shards will reveal unique designs that players can cook onto Clay Pots.

Copper Ingot

Copper will be a new resource coming to Minecraft in 2021, with the unique aspect of changing under open weather conditions.

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Copper can be mined and smelted to become Copper Ingots, which are used to craft Lightning Rods and Spyglasses.

Lightning Rod

Lightning Rods are a new item in Minecraft Update 1.17 that will help protect an area from lightning strikes.

Lightning Rods redirect lightning strikes in the area they’re placed, which can prevent pesky fires from storms.


With all of the amazing new additions to Minecraft Caves and Cliffs, there’s also a new item to help players see things from afar!

This is the Spyglass, crafted from Amethyst Shards and Copper. It allows players to zoom into an area and see further to scout ahead.

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