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Minecraft 1.21 Wind Charge Guide

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 4 Minutes)
Flying our way as of snapshot 24W06A, Wind Charges have now entered the game! So, today, we explore the many uses of this nifty new item, including the best ways to farm them, in our Minecraft 1.21 Wind Charge guide.

What Is a Wind Charge?

Minecraft 1.21 Wind Charge Item The Wind Charge is a new item crafted from Breeze Rods in Minecraft 1.21. They are thrown using the “Use Control” button, which is right click on a mouse or left trigger on a controller, and have a ten-second cooldown before reuse. Depending on where the Wind Charge is thrown and what it hits, its effects will vary.

Where to Find Minecraft 1.21 Wind Charges

Trial Chamber Guide: Entrance Chamber Screenshot Four Wind Charges can be crafted from each Breeze Rod, an item exclusively dropped by the Breeze Mob in batches of one to two. As for where the Breeze mob is found, players will need to venture far underground to Trial Chambers, where the Breeze spawns from Trial Spawners.

Farming Wind Charges

Minecraft 1.21 Breeze Mob Screenshot Unlike Monster Spawners, Trial Spawners have a set limit on the number of mobs that can spawn before entering a cooldown period of thirty minutes. However, this set number changes based on how many players are nearby. As a result, more Wind Charges can be earned before that thirty-minute cooldown period by having others around to lend a hand. Alternatively, locating multiple Trial Chambers and traveling between them on a repeating thirty-minute loop will net a consistent supply. One final note to keep in mind is that the Looting enchantment does increase the number of Breeze Rods dropped from one to two to four to eight at Looting Level Three. The drop rate for Breeze Rods is 100%.

Minecraft 1.21 Wind Charge Uses

Damage & Enemy Knockback
A Wind Charge used as an offensive tool deals only a small amount of damage, but its main value comes from the knockback. Keeping both mobs and players away, or knocking them off high ledges entirely, will create openings to escape or weave in stronger attacks.
Redstone Interactions
Wind Charges also interact with a variety of redstone blocks. Doors, Trapdoors, Fence Gates, and Levers are all flipped, Buttons and Bells are activated, Chorus Flowers and Decorated Pots break, and Candles are extinguished. Adding in the fact that they can be fired from dispensers to achieve the effects above also makes this item a prime candidate for use in automated farms.
Wind Charge Jumping
Finally, players can throw Wind Charges at their feet to launch themselves far into the air. Those worried about fall damage can be at ease as the damage is only calculated for however far the user falls past the initial Y level of their Wind Charge jump. This means as long as the player lands on the same Y level or even slightly below it, they will not take any damage from the fall. Feather Falling enchanted boots and Slow Falling Potions are still recommended for Wind Charge use in areas where the Y level varies unpredictably.

A Guide’s End

Overall, Wind Charges are an exciting new feature that has added plenty of new ways to play. Now, all that’s left is to see what the Minecraft community manages to create! Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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