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Minecraft 1.21 Mace Guide: Recipe, Damage, & More

Posted on by amber
(Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes)
It is not every day a new melee weapon is added into the game, especially one that can one-hit the Warden! So, today, we explore all the details in our Minecraft 1.21 Mace Guide.

Necessary Materials

Minecraft 1.21 Breeze Chamber Screenshot Gathering the materials for a Mace will take some dedication! Unlike most other weapons, it is made entirely from loot, not the standard Netherite and Diamonds. First, players will need to find a Trial Chamber, which generates between layers -20 and -40 of the overworld. Then, once inside, fight the Breeze and loot at least one of the newly added Breeze Rods. With that, we are halfway done! Next, take Trial Keys earned by clearing Trial Spawners and begin unlocking Vaults. There is a very low chance a block called Heavy Core will drop, but once gathered, the job is done!

Minecraft 1.21 Mace Recipe

Minecraft 1.21 Mace Recipe Screenshot With the Heavy Core and Breeze Rod in hand, the Mace can be crafted exactly where you stand! Simply open your inventory and place the Breeze Rod on the bottom row and the Heavy Core directly on top. The brand-new Mace will appear as a selectable option on the right.

Using the Minecraft 1.21 Mace

Minecraft 1.21 Mace in Player's Hand Screenshot The Mace has the same damage and attack speed as a diamond sword, making it useful in the more traditional melee fighting styles that we know. However, where the Mace truly shines is when falling from on high. The farther a player falls, the more damage the Mace’s next attack will deal, assuming it successfully strikes an enemy before the player hits the ground. Additionally, all fall damage is negated for the player if the strike lands true! But how much damage does it actually do? The specific numbers will vary between Bedrock and Java Edition, but the number comes out to 3.5 damage per block of falling before calculating if it was a critical strike. This means that, with a critical, only 15 blocks of height are needed to one-shot a player in full Protection IV Netherite Armor, and 97 blocks of height are needed to one-shot a Warden. That’s a lot of damage!

A Guide’s End

It is never easy to make a Minecraft melee weapon feel unique, yet Mojang pulled it off with the astoundingly fun new fighting style that the Mace brings. However, this leaves us with a parting question. Do you think the Mace is in need of a damage cap or rebalance? Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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