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Minecraft 1.21: Details, Dates, & Speculation

Posted on by amber
Minecraft 1.21’s announcement is likely on the horizon, but what do we know as of today? To answer that, we will dive into Minecraft 1.21, the details we have, and some healthy speculation.

Minecraft 1.21 Details & Dates

Minecraft 1.21: Minecraft Live Logo Minecraft 1.21 has not yet been announced, but history tells us it will be officially shared in late September to early October of this year. The reason? Minecraft Live, the biggest Minecraft event of the year! This has been the main source of Minecraft announcements for many years, and Mojang has made no indication that it will change in 2023. As for what the update itself will be, that still waits to be seen.

Minecraft 1.21 Release Date

Wild Update Promo Image Once Minecraft 1.21 is announced, it will typically not be seen until late spring or early summer of the following year. This gives us a speculative release date of June 2024. However, development delays could push that back even more.

Theme Speculation

Minecraft 1.21: Ender Update Art Every Minecraft update has a general theme, so what will this one be? Many fans have their favorite answers, but the most common theory is an update to The End similar to The Nether Update. However, there are still plenty of updates not yet applied to the overworld. Past biome votes have shown us the possibility of savannah and badlands overhauls and cut content from The Wild Update would include new birch forests. All of these combined, and we could very well have a Wild Update Part 2. Looking in an entirely different direction, Mojang could focus on archeology and see it expanded to old ruins and new. Maybe even some content in the nether and end too! The possibilities are quite literally endless, so we leave the question to you. Which theme do you believe Minecraft 1.21 will have?

The Countdown Begins

As soon as Minecraft Live airs, we will have all of its content listed here! Check back in late September or early October for all the breakdowns we are very excited to share. Until Next Time, BisectHosting =)
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